Problem in Making FLD for custom maps!
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Author:  aronsaabala [ 03 Dec 2012, 03:13 ]
Post subject:  Problem in Making FLD for custom maps!

Hello There!

Recently i having problem with FLD creation guide. For noob botter like me there's no way we can understand that FAST. that "FLD CREATION GUIDE" Can you make a tutorial with some screenshots or make a long step by step method on How to make FLD for custom maps including perl interpreter.

I search a lot and my problem is almost 2 weeks now i found a lot FLD creation guide etc.. but still it doesn't help me. so i decided to post in this forums.

Im Playing Artificial Network Ragnarok Online (AnRO)

The custom main town there is "artham" the map I'm having trouble.
Here's what i got in a.grf of AnRo : if you got time please download it. it's only (1mb)
If you have artham map please reply so i can download it.

I would gladly appreciate someone who could help me. thanks in advance godbless.
I hope im not ignore like everybody else. hehe thanks for reading.

Author:  flashdbest [ 04 Dec 2012, 12:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problem in Making FLD for custom maps!


guide is here: Fld convertion

followed everything except for the part to place .gat files and .rsw to \fields\tools

- to make it work just place the files inside the openkore folder instead (on the same folder of start.exe)

Anyways if you don't want to do anything else, just download the one I've made ^_^

Hope this helps :)

Author:  retstej [ 11 Oct 2018, 00:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problem in Making FLD for custom maps!

can u guys help me run it i cant even run the bot :( i dont know how o search for ip address

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