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 Post subject: Changing bot place only through the console!
PostPosted: 22 Jul 2014, 05:44 

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So, here are some tips for cutting down that occasional: "Goddamit, now I have to log in the actual game to change my location"

Changing the lockMap
Easy-peasy! The command conf can be used from the console to change a configuration. lockMap is a configuration. So, when you see that you should start botting at "somewhere_else", just type on the command screen:
conf lockMap somewhere_else

Changing the save point / sell and storage locations (dirty?)
(Pardon me if there's a more elegant way to do this, this is the only one I know)
So, sometimes you start botting near some other town. Imagine you are saved at morrocc, and the next field you want to bot is near Payon... It would be bad if everytime your bot died it returned to Morocc, right?
So essentially, what you do (bot or not):
  • Send yourself to Payon.
  • Move near a Kafra.
  • Talk to Kafra, asking her to save.
So, to make life easier, it is possible to emit these commands (not-so-good-way):
ai manual
move payon X Y (X,Y coordinates of Kafra. You will not "step" on her, just stop close-by)
talknpc X Y c r0 c (c r0 c are for iRO, may vary)
ai auto

Now, one bad thing about this "console macro" is that when you set the ai to manual, your bot becomes "dumber" when moving, and won't attack back / teleport on danger / return to city if killed and many other things you configured. This is particularly bad when crossing dangerous fields.
So, let's make it better:
conf lockMap payon (to ensure it will go and stay there until some other order)
move payon X Y
talknpc X Y c r0 c

Great! But who has the memory to remember all that? (including X and Y for every city!)
But how about using an alias and just typing:

Yes, and it is also nice to set your sell location and storage location at that town, right?
Let's pump up this aliases:

So, I worked myself to make these aliases for Payon, Morocc, Prontera, Aldebaran and Geffen. These were made using the positions and save-talk sequencies from iRO, so small adjustments may need necessary to play not on iRO.
If you want to have this aliases available, paste this following code somewhere at your config.txt
## Payon
alias_sellPayon conf sellAuto_npc payon 159 96
alias_storagePayon conf storageAuto_npc payon 181 104
alias_toPayon conf lockMap payon
alias_kafraPayon move payon 181 104
alias_savePayon talknpc 181 104 c r0 c
## Morocc
alias_sellMorocc conf sellAuto_npc moc_ruins 91 128
alias_storageMorocc conf storageAuto_npc morocc 156 97
alias_toMorocc conf lockMap morocc
alias_kafraMorocc move morocc 156 97
alias_saveMorocc talknpc 156 97 c r0 c
## Prontera
alias_sellProntera conf sellAuto_npc prontera 58 182
alias_storageProntera conf storageAuto_npc prontera 146 89
alias_toProntera conf lockMap prontera
alias_kafraProntera move prontera 146 89
alias_saveProntera talknpc 146 89 c r0 c
## Aldebaran
alias_sellAldebaran conf sellAuto_npc aldebaran 165 107
alias_storageAldebaran conf storageAuto_npc aldebaran 143 119
alias_toAldebaran conf lockMap aldebaran
alias_kafraAldebaran move aldebaran 143 119
alias_saveAldebaran talknpc 143 119 c r0 c
## Geffen
alias_sellGeffen conf sellAuto_npc geffen 196 11
alias_storageGeffen conf storageAuto_npc geffen 203 123
alias_toGeffen conf lockMap geffen
alias_kafraGeffen move geffen 203 123
alias_saveGeffen talknpc 203 123 c r0 c

Final considerations
You can't just type kafraGeffen followed by saveGeffen, for example, because it will try to make the second order IMMEDIATELY, not after the conclusion of your little walk to Geffen. So you actually have to babysit your bot a little, to see when it reaches the place you designed for then continuing issuing the others commands. This is why it is useful to have it at "ai manual" mode before going or "conf lockMap geffen": after it goes it will stay there. So there's no problem at you dozing off a little :)
In case you just issue a command for move geffen 203 123, your bot will go there and immediately after try to find something else to do (moving from that spot in most cases).

That's all Folks!

 Post subject: Re: Changing bot place only through the console!
PostPosted: 10 Aug 2014, 14:51 

Joined: 10 Aug 2014, 14:34
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route_randomWalk_inTown 0

to prevent your bots from running around cities;p

Thanks for the coords! :-)

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