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Author:  Technology [ 17 Jun 2009, 19:35 ]
Post subject:  Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Open Applications! Meet the team on IRC today!
Friends, coders, botters lend me your ears.

We know, OpenKore development has stagnated lately.
The vast majority of the developers have had lack of time to develop for many valid reasons: work, school, friends, going out, love, ...
Understandable, those things are most important.

However we, the devs, want to make OpenKore flourish once again...
The AI 2008 project is a big leap towards a more powerful OpenKore, the possibilities will be beyond imagination.
So we are looking for fresh blood and we want you to join the team!
This is a direct call to everyone in the OpenKore community.

Applying for Supporter:
Do you bot on an official or highly populated RO server and want to make sure that your server stays supported?
Now you can! You will be the dev's first source of information. (by reporting: changes, bugs, new packets, ...)
The devs don't play on all servers so that is why your reports to them and help in any other way is very important.
A supporter's job is to speed up the development process by reporting information and helping out where they can.
You can for example help by maintaining the xRO table files, so kore stays up to date with your server:
- getting the server info and updating servers.txt
- extracting the recvpackets.txt with the packet extractor
- extracting other table files from the clients grf using grftool.
By doing so you will help to prevent problems rather than having to solve them later on.
Because, better quality products needs less customer support.
You can also help by translating kore in your language, making it more accessible to your xRO community.
If you use kore, don't be a leecher and contribute back!

Applying for Tester:
You want to be the first to know the newest features in kore?
You are starting to notice that macro's functionality is too limited for you?
So you want to learn how to write your own plugins/mods and become a power user!
You sometimes look trough the OK code to see how things work and possibly found/fixed a bug already?
You could use some extra experience in developing tools and programming languages?
Maybe you are an aspiring developer in search for some direction.
On our team, you will learn how to use the svn tool so that you can apply patches on the bugtracker and test them.
A tester's job is to test the developer's code and confirm functionality or if possible patch mistakes and report back.
Apply here, make an account on our bugtracker and you are ready to go.
(A guide on how to use tortoise svn will be up later)

Applying for Developer:
Do you have time, do you enjoy to code, to solve problems and to learn new things? Then this might just be the thing for you!
However if you want to develop for OpenKore then you must prove that you have skills in the area of kore that you wish to develop.
What better way to do this is than to help OpenKore out! Hereby you are challenged to write a mod/plugin, implement new features, improve the OK framework or fix bugs on our bugtracker.

Sample Resume wrote:
Name: (alias is fine)
Experience: (this may include OpenKore experience, or any other experiences you may possess)
Time: (how much time do you think you could devote to OpenKore every week?*)
Position: (developer, supporter, tester)
Bugs: (links to fixed bugs)
Plugins/Mods/Features: (link to written plugins or mods)
(*Time restraints will not affect your application negatively)

It is important to drop into our IRC channel frequently as this is the place where we meet and communicate!!!
Communicating with the OpenKore team is the first step in becoming a member of the team. ;)

Also, its one thing to apply here, but the most important is that you can actually do something to make a change!

Author:  kLabMouse [ 19 Jun 2009, 08:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Developer Recruitement

And... yeh.
If you like to write Mods (not just Plugins, but native patches).
You are always welcome.

Author:  Technology [ 05 Jul 2009, 11:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

I'll set an example, lets say i were new here and wanted to be part of the team:

Name: Technology
Age: 21
Location: Belgium
Languages: Dutch, English, (French)
Experience: Perl, Java, C, sql, svn, ...
Time: 12h/week
Position: developer
Bugs: repair causing dc, identical item equipping, homunculus causing dc, headgear not showing correctly, xkore 2 on eA, route calculation in lockMap, trying to eq an already eq item, compiling with gcc 4.3+
Plugins/Mods/Features: some macro mods, Mail system, fld2 in ai2008, selectively loading plugins...

Author:  Rence2185 [ 05 Jul 2009, 15:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Name: Rence
Age: 23
Location: Philippines
Languages: English, Filipino
Experience: Openkore and little bit VB6
Time: Everyday until I have a job
Position: Tester and later on Developer
Bugs: what bugs? did you mean cockroach or beetle or something ..... (joke)
Uhm... I did'nt find how to fixed status ailments coz I have used job manual and it didn't recognize. I think grf tool would fixed that. but I dunno where to dl it when openkore server is down.

Author:  cazanova000 [ 06 Jul 2009, 21:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Name: cazanova
Age: 20
Location: Mexico
Languages: English (75%), Spanish XD (100%)
Experience: OpenKore experience...learning perl =x (0% atm but should be improved soon)
Time: 12 hrs every day during week (weekend relax time)
Position: supporter
Bugs: nothing atm =x
Plugins/Mods/Features: nothing but soon probably =x

Author:  asukaltite [ 07 Jul 2009, 04:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Name: Sugahdick
Age: 26
Location: Saudi Arabia
Languages: Tagalog, English, Arabic (Sort of)
Experience: OpenKore 1.3.1 upto
Time: 12h / week
Position:supporter / tester)

Author:  Skatz [ 08 Jul 2009, 04:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Name: Skatz
Age: 20
Location: Mexico
Languages: Spanish and english
Experience: Openkore (macros) Java and C++
Time: 18hrs / week
Position: Supporter and tester.
Plugins/Mods/Features: Not posted yet

Author:  kLabMouse [ 08 Jul 2009, 10:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Rence2185; cazanova000; asukaltite; Skatz;
Please register at with your nickname.
And PM me, when you will be ready.

I'll add you all to testers corner (Where testers and developers discuss current problems and some have bug's).
Also, register your nicknames at IRC, so we could talk sometimes.

Author:  kLabMouse [ 08 Jul 2009, 11:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

Skatz is now Officially in Testers Group!
Congratulations! ;)

Author:  kLabMouse [ 09 Jul 2009, 04:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

cazanova000 is now Officially in Testers Group!
Congratulations! ;)

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