Lightside/legend "Waiting for the Ragnarok online client"
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Author:  pandi [ 30 Mar 2012, 07:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

awesome awesome, if u can get it to work I'll pay you well! thank you man

Author:  4epT [ 02 Apr 2012, 17:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

Yes, the bot works! (mode xkore 1)
my skype: sviridof
ICQ: 222-77-33

Author:  pandi [ 03 Apr 2012, 06:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

niceeeee we will talk on skype

Author:  Luminoth [ 14 Apr 2012, 13:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

Great help much apreciated :D

i'm getting some error though, double checked server.txt and every line u gave but this is what i get :o

Cannot load server message parser for ser type 'KRO'

Author:  Luminoth [ 14 Apr 2012, 21:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

I'm terribly sorry for the triple post, since i've been reading Faq for the last few hours and learned something new i though it would be usefull to add this.

First of all disengard my second post, i found where to download it and got the correct( ithink) recvpacket but still didnt work.

According to what i've read this error is related with the server type in server.txt There should be a file named kRO_Sakexe_2010_05_08a (if pandi's data is correct) in my \src\Network\Receive according to the guides but all i have is "" etc to 22 and the oficcial ones like aRo bRO etc.

I may be completly mistaken because i never had to mess around with this kind of config before( i just sticked with working server and played with regular bot config, not connection).

if that is the issue, where can i find the "kRO_Sakexe_2010_05_08" files to download and if not what could it be?

ps: tryed with svn and 2.0.7

Author:  Abridged [ 15 Apr 2012, 13:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

i dont have the file sakexe_2010_5_08a in src/network/...

and when i try to connect through xkore 1 , the openkore just stuck at " waiting for ..... connect to xkore"

Author:  4epT [ 17 Apr 2012, 08:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

to have appeared "kRO" serverType, you need to download the latest the bot (


on the server used encrypting the traffic, the usual bot will not work!

Author:  Luminoth [ 17 Apr 2012, 19:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

I have the latest one, would that error " Cannot load server message parser for server type "kRO" apper if the issue was encryption like you mentioned? or wouldn't that give a different error?


Ok, so i managed to get past that error using a different server type (tryed the closest 10, all with a date before the servers, because there wasn't any more recent) and most of them connect to account server but gets the " timeout on account server, reconnecting.." error.

If i understood correctly, somewhere between the huge amount of guides it mentions that after logging to account server, it's suposed to connect to master server (it does and that's as far as it goes) and ask which server i want to choose (legend or saga) and move on to character select etc etc yada yada yada.

Here's what i've tryed:

Re-check everything in connectivity guide and double check them with the info padin provided( it's all correct).


[Legend/Saga Ragnarok]
port 6900
version 21
master_version 25

serverType kRO_Sakexe_2009_04_08a <---- the original from pandi and data extracted with tools indicates 2010_05_08,

2009_04_08 is the closest one in the folder, like the connectivity guide advises ( uses closest date available)

serverEncoding western
charBlockSize 106
addTableFolders translated/kRO_english;kRO
recvpackets recvpackets.txt


Re-check config.txt


master Legend/Saga Ragnarok
username ****
password ****


The only options left to fill are char( it doesnt even tryes to connect to char server) and server ( which it should ask me which one, Legend 6.0 or Saga 1.0 )
Since it does not ask me which one, and in config there is an option to set it, how i tell it which one it is( can't find help for this in guides) .

PS: I understand some moderator/helpers aren't english native speakers, i also speak english and portuguese if anyone prefers to help/address me in those languages

Author:  SkylorD [ 19 Apr 2012, 23:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

serverType kRO_Sakexe_2009_04_08a <---- the original from pandi and data extracted with tools indicates 2010_05_08,

2009_04_08 is the closest one in the folder, like the connectivity guide advises ( uses closest date available)




If the error still appears, you can download openkore and try again.

Acho que entendeu. =/

Author:  Luminoth [ 20 Apr 2012, 00:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lightside/legend

Still the same error. ( i didn't try RagexeRE types before because i assumed they wouldn't be compatible with Sakexe types)

" timeout on account server, reconnecting.."

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