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by thedrops
30 Aug 2016, 01:48
Forum: Development Help
Topic: Openkore not like
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Openkore not like

Hello friends, I've been messing around with making some plugins recently and popped in a use POSIX qw(floor ceil); which brought everything to a halt. The issue revolves (presumably) entirely around me trying to use POSIX. This is the error code being thrown out: OpenKore version what-will-become-2...
by thedrops
03 Jul 2015, 04:22
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Packet Parser|Tokenizer (unknown/unsupported packets)
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Re: Packet Parser|Tokenizer (unknown/unsupported packets)

That's the problem, there is already a packet 09CA in my recvpacket.txt 09CA 23 Hey there, I might be late to the party but... Make sure [09CA 23] is in your recvpackets thats actually being loaded by Kore. It's in the right file when it changes from 'Packet Tokenizer' to 'Packet Parser'. After tha...
by thedrops
17 Feb 2014, 21:20
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: Check cast area
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Check cast area

(Posting in the right area now) So this is my first plugin. Basically what I'm trying to achieve is a check to see how many enemies are around the current attack target. The check is called mobsInRange and is added like this: attackSkillSlot Storm Gust { lvl 10 dist 7 sp > 10 onAction attack timeout...
by thedrops
17 Feb 2014, 20:31
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: mobsInRange
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Edit: Alrighty! So I managed to get it to work! mobsInRange is my very first plugin. It adds a check to skill blocks in config.txt called mobsInRange . attackSkillSlot Storm Gust { lvl 10 dist 7 sp > 10 onAction attack timeout 10 notInTown 1 maxAttempts 3 mobsInRange 8,5 <<this guy right here } Wha...
by thedrops
03 Jan 2014, 14:08
Forum: iRO
Topic: WarpPortal for the whole party
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Re: WarpPortal for the whole party

I made a frankenstein's monster of a macro to do this: automacro warp3 { party "do warp3" timeout 10 call { $n = $.lastparty do eval foreach my $_player (@{$::playersList->getItems()}) { next if $_player->{'name'} eq ""; next if $_player->{actorType} ne "Player"; if ($_player->{'name'} eq "$n") {$::...
by thedrops
18 May 2012, 02:30
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: bard's skills and walking
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Song Skills Packet Assault Lag

Basically whenever a class that can play a song(Bard/Dancer/Etc), plays it then walks around, the client is bombarded with the 08C7 packet to the point that it lags for a few seconds. If the bard stays on screen and moves enough, openkore disconnects. Additionally, if the bard is still playing and m...