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by 123asa
15 Jul 2012, 02:15
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: [Help]OLD PLUGINS!
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where is the OLD useful plugins? like recordWarpNpc talktowarper plugins? can anyone please answer me. :(
by 123asa
13 Jul 2012, 08:26
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: Autowarp to Lockmap by: Joseph
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Re: Autowarp to Lockmap by: Joseph

i need this one! please! anyone still have the plugin? please someone re-upload this. :( need it badly. thx
by 123asa
11 Jul 2012, 07:19
Forum: Resolved Questions
Topic: Bot doens't recognize monsters
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[Help]Bot still doesn't recognize monster nor player

can someone please help me with my bot. its been 3yrs since I last used openkore. the problem is my bot still doesn't recognize monsters and even players. it says Unknown #XXXXX i tried changing my serverTypes and master version and charblocksize. i also tried updating my recvpackets.txt but there's...