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by Kirby
27 Jul 2008, 20:29
Forum: Frequently Asked Questions & Guides
Topic: Automatic OBB/OPB/GB opening and sorting
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Automatic OBB/OPB/GB opening and sorting

first of all, just to be clear, by obb/opb/gb i mean old blue box, old purple box and gift box. second, this topic might be also moved to the tips and tricks section if the admins feels like doing so. i've been thinking in a simple, not to say cheap, way to open those thousands of obbs/opbs/gbs that...
by Kirby
17 Jul 2008, 16:42
Forum: Tips & Tricks
Topic: botting places
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headgear market speculation

by botting in the correct maps, it is possible to easily create headgears that requires a lot of items to produce. example: go mjolnir_01 for cocos. they're weak, the experience is low, the card is almost useless, but with 1k acorns, you can make an interesting headgear, and might be able to sell it...
by Kirby
09 Jul 2008, 23:20
Forum: Trashcan
Topic: Private Server Connection Information List
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Earthbound RO (EbRO) information

[Earthbound RO]
port 6900
master_version 2
version 0
serverType 0
private 1
serverEncoding Western

EDIT: checked 2008/07/10 (just to make sure)
by Kirby
07 Jul 2008, 11:32
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Private Message safe list
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Private Message safe list

what's up. so, i've been having a hard time finding information through the search engine about selective private messaging . here's the situation: a bot configured with dcOnPM 1 will instantely disconnect when a PM is received. i'd like to create exceptions for this command because some servers sen...