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by kelberwitz
31 Oct 2017, 17:09
Forum: Other OpenKore support
Topic: Stuck During Route . ( ubuntu )
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Stuck During Route . ( ubuntu )

Hi, now i got a little question about my bot problem this make me worry in the past of several weeks. now i run openkore on ubuntu server. but sometime my bot got " Stuck During Route . " with no reason ( or they have but i don't know ) i think it caused after i use macro or event macro with "do mov...
by kelberwitz
14 Jul 2017, 21:20
Forum: Macro Plugin
Topic: Class condition wont work
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Re: Class condition wont work

automacro replacebashwithbowling { job > 25 class Knight run-once 1 call bowlingbash } Class condition macros will not work at all for me. My knight is running around job 26 and this macro does not trigger. Soon as i remove the class line the macro is triggered fine. + 1 i had this problem too. jus...
by kelberwitz
07 Jul 2017, 19:50
Forum: Other OpenKore support
Topic: [ Need Help ] webMonitor can't start openkore ( Linux )
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[ Need Help ] webMonitor can't start openkore ( Linux )

Hello everyone , i try to install plugins webMonitor on my vm ( Ubuntu 17.04 x64 ) but i can't start openkore after active that plugins. this is my error logs can anyone help me solve this please. i'm try to do step by step with this : and i had already Insta...