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by expelliarmus
08 Sep 2019, 03:47
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Topic: reactOnNPC v.2.0.2 by hakore
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Re: reactOnNPC v.2.0.2 by hakore

anyone know why my npc react with "^000000" at the end? .. i dont know how to solve this.. i'm using this right now : reactOnNPC_debug 1 reactOnNPC talk num @eval(my $color1 = '#...
by expelliarmus
07 Sep 2019, 09:38
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: reactOnNPC Executing Command Problem
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reactOnNPC Executing Command Problem I try to follow the script i found in this forum and everyhthing is going well but it have problem with the Executing Command part it put the command along with the "^000000" in...