AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

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AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

#1 Post by agjockdude »

I've searched the wiki, forums, and manual for about a month off and on. I've seen a few forum posts about people having these problems the common solution is to update openkore (which I do regularly). So I finally made an account so I could post with my problem.

Basically, I'm wondering what a proper config file should look like for an AFK Chemist trying to level their homunculus on ant eggs or orc dungeon.

If I check my openkore within 30 min of AFKing, I'll come back to see my homunculus isn't attacking anything and just standing stationary there. I can use "homun ai print" and it shows no AI tasks, and if I use "homun ai clear" it'll still just stand there. This happens every time, most of the time with no clear indication why in the console (no parse packet errors, no "tried to long to move", nothing). I can even vaporize and re-call my homun and it still won't attack most of the time (sometimes it will).

I'm asking either for help or to see other people's AFK config files to compare to mine, maybe even use.

Otherwise, is there a way I can just use my regular AI file (AzzyAI)? I never see this problem unless I'm using openkore. I really just need openkore to auto-feed for me while I sleep. My homunculus' regular in-game AI does fine on its own.

Also, in regards to keeping my character still, setting the following fields to 0 is the ONLY way I've managed to keep my character from moving. I feel like there is/should be a simpler way... I thought turning random walk, autoattack, and looting items off would do the trick but my character still walks around unless I do all of the following:
attackAuto 0
attackAuto_party 0
attackAuto_onlyWhenSafe 0
attackAuto_followTarget 1
attackAuto_inLockOnly 1
attackDistance 1
attackDistanceAuto 0
attackMaxDistance 1
attackMaxRouteDistance 100
attackMaxRouteTime 4
attackMinPlayerDistance 2
attackMinPortalDistance 4
attackUseWeapon 0
attackNoGiveup 0
attackCanSnipe 0
attackCheckLOS 0
attackLooters 0
attackChangeTarget 1
aggressiveAntiKS 0
itemsTakeAuto 0
itemsTakeAuto_party 0
itemsGatherAuto 0
itemsMaxWeight 89
cartMaxWeight 8000
itemsTakeAuto_new 0
route_escape_reachedNoPortal 1
route_escape_randomWalk 0
route_avoidWalls 1
route_randomWalk 0
route_randomWalk_inTown 0
route_randomWalk_maxRouteTime 75
route_maxWarpFee 0
route_maxNpcTries 5
route_teleport 0
route_teleport_minDistance 150
route_teleport_maxTries 20
route_step 0
And here's my homun AI block for any setting I have that could be causing the homunculus freezing problems:
homunculus_attackAuto 2
homunculus_attackAuto_party 1
homunculus_attackAuto_notInTown 1
homunculus_attackAuto_onlyWhenSafe 0
homunculus_attackDistance 1.5
homunculus_attackMaxDistance 2.5
homunculus_attackMaxRouteTime 4
homunculus_attackCanSnipe 0
homunculus_attackCheckLOS 1
homunculus_attackNoGiveup 0
homunculus_attackChangeTarget 1

homunculus_followDistanceMax 10
homunculus_followDistanceMin 3

homunculus_StandByAuto 1

homunculus_route_step 15

homunculus_tankMode 0
Thanks for anyone that can help me! Please don't tell me to read the manual or the wiki, I've been through them multiple times and there is nothing that addresses these problems.

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Re: AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

#2 Post by Arte »

hi did you manage to fix the problem?

By the way in config is set to feed between 11-24 means it will randomly feed between those numbers?
I tried to launch it and it fed my homunculus when it was 21 but i need openkore to allow feeding at 11-14 once till it go back to either 11 or 14

also the feed delay is default at

Code: Select all

# intimacyMax / Min sets a threshhold of when not to feed your homunculus
# If intimacy is HIGHER than the minimum or LOWER/EQUAL to the max, we wont feed.
homunculus_intimacyMax 999
homunculus_intimacyMin 911
# How long should we wait between feeding? default: random between 10 and 60 seconds
homunculus_hungerTimeoutMax 60
homunculus_hungerTimeoutMin 10[/b]

# Turn on/off homunculus autofeeding
homunculus_autoFeed 1
# In Wich maps should we allow feeding? (leave empty for any map)

# Feed homunculus between MIN and MAX value (example: between 11 and 25)
homunculus_hungerMin 11
homunculus_hungerMax 24
what does it means? that it will feed every 10-60secs randomly?

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Re: AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

#3 Post by Richard »

what does it means? that it will feed every 10-60secs randomly?
#How long should we wait between feeding? default: random between 10 and 60 seconds
If the hunger is between these two value:
homunculus_hungerMin 11
homunculus_hungerMax 24
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Re: AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

#4 Post by panthervfs »

I have a similar Issue. My homun will only use caprice to attack. Once its SP runs out, it does nothing. Is there a command for using regular attack?

I have looked around and haven't found anything on it. All I see are skills and not regular attacks being used.

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Re: AFK Homunculus Config Help (+ homunculus freezing)

#5 Post by darktaz15 »

Anyone have progress?

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