Have a Problem ? want to be fixed Quickly ? READ THIS FIRST!

All junk posts will be moved here. No write persmission but for Mods

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Have a Problem ? want to be fixed Quickly ? READ THIS FIRST!

#1 Post by h4rry84 »

Okay, now i got your attention !! READ THIS DAMN POST Before you're gonna make a question for support.

Follow this support template or get your post in the trash.

Moderators, please enforce (and if possible place the link to the template in your sig).

1. I have a problem....
Update your Openkore

2. Still having problems?
Search the openkore wiki

3. No information in the wiki?
Search the forums

4. Cant find what you need? / Do not understand?
Post a thread in the right category.

Private server specific topics go here.
Official server specific topics go here.

Try to keep general support questions here.

5. Use a good title
Topic title must be concise and descriptive. Titles with the words "problem, help" and random nonsense will be trashed on sight.

Good title: Does pickupitems supports regular expression
Bad title: pickupitems.txt HALP PLX

Owh, for your information, pickupitems does not support regular expression.

6. Write an post that is informative and should contain:
  • Brief description of the problem.
  • What you have done so far.
  • Portion of config/macros changes that is relevant to the problem.
  • Any other useful information: did you recently get patches, any gm announcements
This only applies to the support forum. Also, any post asking for help in the other sections should be trashed as well. The only forum for asking for help is the support section, and users are required to post using the template.

Please enforce. Thanks.