AFK Alchemist keeps moving (R8722)


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AFK Alchemist keeps moving (R8722)

#1 Post by Morgoth »

Hello everyone,

I'm using Openkore SVN Revision 8722. All folders updated.

I'm trying to emulate an AFK Alchemist leveling in OD2 (orc dungeon level 2) with homunculus at auto-feed. I'm doing this so I don't have to check the hunger status all the time and to avoid the annoying disconnects (since openkore reconnects automatically). The problem is that sometimes the bot follows the Homunculus which is a dead give away that it is in fact a bot. I've looked through the forums but couldn't find any solution. I don't think that sitting is a solution as well, simply because to sit every time it gets hit is a bit weird and if someone talks to the bot while it's sitting and it doesn't answer it might be a problem.

Here's what I've tried:

Code: Select all

attackAuto 0
attackAuto_party 0
So it won't attack.

Code: Select all

itemsTakeAuto 0
itemsTakeAuto_party 0
itemsGatherAuto 0
So it won't loot.

Code: Select all

lockMap orcsdun02
lockMap_x 140
lockMap_y 70
So it will stay at that position in OD2.

Code: Select all

route_escape_reachedNoPortal 0
route_escape_randomWalk 0
route_avoidWalls 0
route_randomWalk 0
route_randomWalk_inTown 0
route_teleport 0
So it won't trace any routes at all (I guess).

and here is my homunculus configuration

Code: Select all

######## Homunculus Support ########

homunculus_attackAuto 2
homunculus_attackAuto_party 1
homunculus_attackAuto_notInTown 1
homunculus_attackAuto_onlyWhenSafe 0
homunculus_attackDistance 1.5
homunculus_attackMaxDistance 2.5
homunculus_attackMaxRouteTime 4
homunculus_attackCanSnipe 0
homunculus_attackCheckLOS 0
homunculus_attackNoGiveup 0
homunculus_attackChangeTarget 1

homunculus_followDistanceMax 10
homunculus_followDistanceMin 3

homunculus_route_step 15

homunculus_tankMode 0

homunculus_teleportAuto_hp 10
homunculus_teleportAuto_maxDmg 500
homunculus_teleportAuto_maxDmgInLock 0
homunculus_teleportAuto_deadly 1
homunculus_teleportAuto_unstuck 0
homunculus_teleportAuto_dropTarget 0
homunculus_teleportAuto_dropTargetKS 0
homunculus_teleportAuto_totalDmg 0
homunculus_teleportAuto_totalDmgInLock 0

# intimacyMax / Min sets a threshhold of when not to feed your homunculus
# If intimacy is HIGHER than the minimum or LOWER/EQUAL to the max, we wont feed.
homunculus_intimacyMax 999
homunculus_intimacyMin 911

# How long should we wait between feeding? default: random between 10 and 60 seconds
homunculus_hungerTimeoutMax 60
homunculus_hungerTimeoutMin 10

# Turn on/off homunculus autofeeding
homunculus_autoFeed 1
# In Wich maps should we allow feeding? (leave empty for any map)

# Feed homunculus between MIN and MAX value (example: between 11 and 25)
homunculus_hungerMin 11
homunculus_hungerMax 24
Thanks in advance for any help or insight.


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Re: AFK Alchemist keeps moving (R8722)

#2 Post by PiedPiper »

Set homunculus_followDistanceMax to 20. That should fix your movement problem. And set sitAuto_idle to 0. That will keep your character standing up after you reach your farming spot. You may also want to change the sitAuto_hp_lower and sitAuto_hp_upper fields as well. Otherwise you will keep sitting down when your health drops below a certain point.

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Re: AFK Alchemist keeps moving (R8722)

#3 Post by hades420 »

I tinkered with this a bit and setting the homunculus_followDistanceMax to the same or higher then the homunculus_route_step prevents u from moving. u also wanna make sure nothing is making u sit cause even though there are AIs now that allow u to sit and your hom continue to fight the bot does not do that. I have tried this by manually making my bot sit and the hom moves to my side and goes idle. so any way to stop from moving just set the followdist max to the same or higher then the route step. apparently this follow max is your character following the hom if it steps beyond the max.

also I was wondering if anyone ever tinkered with the auto aid potion, I can get it to work on myself but it doesnt seem to work on the hom. I'm trying to use blue potions on him to keep his sp up with as nuts as he goes with spells.

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