Plz help configuring poseidon for kRO

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Plz help configuring poseidon for kRO

#1 Post by kirby278 »

Hi. Poeple, including me, are having a hard time configuring poseidon for kRO server.
There is configuration guide for twRO and vRO but nothing for kRO.
Tried both ways but didn't work.
Used pull for #3514, #3430 but did not work.
configuration part is missing for kRO.


It is not just me, lot of people are experiencing the same thing.
seriously need some guidance.

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Re: Plz help configuring poseidon for kRO

#2 Post by coffeesuela »

can you help me to get the master server ?

i dont know if im just slow or what please help me.

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