I need help

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I need help

#1 Post by w285731 »

I got an error while executing the program

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

This program has encountered an unexpected problem. This is probably because of a recent server update, a bug in this
program, or in one of the plugins. We apologize for this problem. You may get support from IRC or the forums.

A detailed error report has been saved to errors.txt. Before posting a bug report, please try out the latest release
GIT version first. If you are already using the latest release GIT version, search the forums first to see if your
problem had already been solved, or has already been reported. If you truly believe you have encountered a bug in the
program, please include the contents of the errors.txt in your bug report
(https://github.com/openkore/openkore/issues), or we may not be able to help you!

The error message is:
Attempt to STORE non blessed reference (or not a reference)
$VAR1 = {};