[Guide] How to Multiple xKore 2

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[Guide] How to Multiple xKore 2

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You need notepad ++ and grfbuilder to accomplish this.

Step 0. Make a complete backup copy of your ragnarok directory, and don't fuck with it. This is much faster than re downloading the client in the event that you fuck up any of these steps.

Step 1. Count the number of bots you intend to use.

Step 2. Get your client info file
Step 2a. Using grfbuilder, Open your data.grf file.
Note: depending on your server or client, your data file may be different. For example, iRO classic server uses cdata.grf

Step 2b. Extract your clientinfo.xml file from the .grf file.
Note: check the filename and directory of your clientinfo file. For example iRO classic uses cclientinfo.grf, and the directory is data\cclientinfo.xml, even though it is packed in cdata.grf.
Note: You can, but don't have to close grf builder. You will need it in a few minutes.

Step 2c. Make a new folder called data and put only your clientinfo file in it.
Note: The new folder must be named the same as the directory your clientinfo file was in. It would be extremely strange if the directory was not data, though.

Step 3. Edit your clientinfo file.
Step 3a. Use Notepad ++ to open and edit your clientinfo.xml file.

Step 3b. Add one connection for each bot you counted in step 1.
A connection should look like this, except the highlighted text. That is to clearly point out information you must change/set yourself.
<display>bot name/login</display>
<registrationweb>http://enweb.gravity.co.kr/e_regist.htm ... trationweb>
Step 3c. Edit each connection for each individual bot.
bot name/login is a very helpful identifier for you, depending on the number of bots you have, remembering each login may become cumbersome.
PORT is very important. I left it at 6901 because the default config from xkore listens to that port. To make this work properly, you will need to set the XKore_listenPort for each bot to a different number. bot1 would be 6901, bot2 would be 6902, and so on and soforth.
version and langtype will be the same version as found in the default connection listed. for iRO they are 18 and 1 respectively.

Step 4. Change XKore_listenPort in each bot's config to the port you selected for it in the clientinfo file. This is easy in notepad++. Save all your changes.

Step 5. Merge your new clientinfo file.
Step 5a. Open your data.grf (or cdata.grf) file.
Step 5b. Merge the data folder you created in step 2c.

Step 6. Test your work to make sure you didn't fuck it up
Step 6a. Use the patcher bypass to start your client. This is accomplished by creating a shortcut to the client and editing the shortcut like so:
"your computer directory\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\ragexe.exe" -1rag1
Note that some clients start using a different exe, such as iro classic, which is started with the -1old1 tag.
"your computer directory\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\clragexe.exe" -1old1
Step 6b. After clicking "agree" to the ToS which you have now violated, a list should appear with each of the connection names you added, plus the default connection.
Step 6c. Start openkore for a bot.
Step 6d. Back on the connection list, select the bot you started. Input the bots u/p and login. Repeat testing for each bot or until you feel comfortable with your work.

Step 7. Note that sometimes you will have to patch your client, and this will often reset your clientinfo file. You should re-extract your clientinfo file each time this happens, because the clientinfo file contains information about admins and GMs, and if you are not up to date you might be more vulnerable. You only need to cut and paste the connection information from your original edit into the new clientinfo file.