6 tricks to reduce bags under the eyes End the problem with a full formula.

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6 tricks to reduce bags under the eyes End the problem with a full formula.

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1. Drink enough water.
The fact that women drink very little water. Inevitably causes bags under the eyes as well Especially on any day when drinking less water But instead drank a lot of alcohol Let me tell you that on that day there slotxo will be bags under the eyes that are noticeable. Do not forget that the body is not getting enough water. Is one of the reasons that cause problems with bags under the eyes But drinking 8 glasses of water a day will solve this problem as well.

2. Reflexology
Reflexology is easy to do. With our own fingers Start by using the ring finger, which has the least force, massage the points under the eyes by gently pressing on each point for about 3 seconds, try to keep doing at least 1 minute in a row over the area under the eyes. But it should not be pressed too hard as it may cause trauma.

3.Use a tea bag
Brewed tea bags To put it in the refrigerator Then, apply a compress on the eye socket for about 15 minutes and then remove. This will help relieve puffy eyes very quickly.

4. Soothe with cucumber
Cucumber is effective in reducing eye bags and puffiness. Just clean the cucumbers and cut them into thin glasses. Put it on the eye socket Leave it on for about 10 minutes, just this will help alleviate puffiness and eye bags problems.

5.Apply aloe vera gel.
As for the aloe vera gel, girls can choose to use both fresh and jar that are sold in cosmetic stores as they like. When there is swelling or bags under the eyes Recommended to apply aloe vera gel. Will help treat symptoms as well Because aloe vera gel contains antioxidants and vitamin E that can help reduce puffiness and moisturize the skin.

6.Use eyes cream
Applying an eye cream will help prevent bags under the eyes from becoming overflowing with ease, which is a precautionary measure. More importantly, don't forget to use your ring finger to gently press the point under your eyes. While applying the eye cream Because it is a secret that will help your eyes look more bright

Swollen eyes and bags under the eyes are not as common as women. Easy When you can follow tricks that help reduce the symptoms However, do not forget to regain confidence. By saying goodbye to puffy eyes and bags under the eyes together

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