The death toll from the earthquake in Indonesia rises to 73.

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The death toll from the earthquake in Indonesia rises to 73.

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Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency said. The death toll from the 6.2 magnitude earthquake on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi Has increased to 73 cases now And 27,850 people have evacuated their homes to stay in 25 temporary evacuation centers.

The office continues to assess the risk of this disaster. สมัครสมาชิก slotxo And continue to help affected people By now there are police, military and volunteers from various departments. Have come together to help find the body of the dead and provide assistance to the people

The report states that The Indonesian government will allocate a grant of 50 million rupiah (approximately US $ 3,554) to build new homes for the heavily damaged people. It also allocated a budget of 25 million rupiah (US $ 1,777) to repair houses that have suffered moderate damage. And allocated a budget of 10 million rupiah (approximately US $ 710) to repair houses that have been slightly damaged.

The 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck on the morning of Friday, Jan. 15. And dozens of aftershocks The Indonesian National Disaster Prevention Agency said The tremors of the earthquake caused landslides. And roads were cut off and damaged more than 60 buildings, including homes, hotels and hospitals.

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