spritetool bugged?

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spritetool bugged?

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The spritetool binary that is shipped with the grftool sourcecode does not seem to work. As I am very unfamiliar with modifications to source code, I am kindly asking for help on this. Currently it produces output similar to this instead of extracting bitmaps from spr files:

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root@yoshi:~/grftool-1.2.0/tools# ./spritetool /root/orc_xmas.spr 1 out.bmp
Error 1
The file orc_xmas.spr exists, can be extracted using windows programs and has full read/write access. I am unsure what has to be supplied as INDEX argument. I tried several numbers, act00 and the likes. Always procudes the same output. If either of the three required arguments is missing, it outputs "Usage: spritetool <FILE.SPR> <INDEX> <OUTPUT>", so I am guessing that there is something amiss in either the INDEX value or the code.

Thanks for any help on this matter.