Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement


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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#71 Post by bob0krishnan »

Name: Balakrishnan (bob0krishnan)

Age: 21

Location: Bangalore, India

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, learnig spanish(so no habla espanol)

Professional Experience:
>I basically write a lot of programs in c/c++.
>I plan on specializing in AI programming (microprocessor language, preferably 8086) in robotics.
>As microprocessor languages also use macros, similar to the ones used in openkore I am well versed in the area.
>Know Java but not keen on programming in it.
>Did extensive Python programming a looong time ago. Hence prefer Python over Perl.
>Also have a diploma each in 'Web-Designing & Programming' and '3D modelling and animation'
>Currently pursuing final year in Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science.
Ragnarok/Openkore Experience:
>Started playing in InRO , and played for 2 years. Currently not playing because it's become paid.
>Switched to AnimeRO for another 2 years and stopped because the server was shut down.
>Currently playing and botting in XileRO PK server and iRO Valkyrie server.

Time: I can dedicate 2-3 hours in weekdays, and about 8-9 hours in weekends. If I am not here I would either be programming or botting :P
Position: Tester or Supporter
Bugs: ...
Plugins/Mods/Features: Write my own macros in XileRO using the private server commands to warp, store and do random stuff.

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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#72 Post by Azt3ko »

Name: Azt3ko
Age: 21
Location: Mexico
Languages: Spanish and English
Experience: Openkore scripts, NG, BlackD. Ragnarok of Course
I could translate everything you wanted me to to a perfect spanish to make an understandable version for spanish speakers in america. . Possibly send extracted packets. (When brother available)
Time: 12hrs weekly.. at least
Position: Supporter
Bugs: -
Plugins/Mods/Features: -

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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#73 Post by Zangetsu-chan »

Name: Zangetsu-chan
Age: 23
Location: United States
Languages: English
Experience: Basic Open Core
Time: Inifinite
Position: Supporter, I wanna learn coding so i can develope one day i have great ideas for new stuff.
Bugs: none sorry
Plugins/Mods/Features: none sorry

Documentation Writers
Documentation Writers
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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#74 Post by manticora »

Name: manticora
Age: 27
Location: Russian Federation
Languages: russian, english, german
Experience: syntax highlight and context help for macro-plugin and config.txt, translation to russian, make openkore localisation to russian.
Time: 2 hours a week
Position: Ru-Doc Writer
Bugs: -
Plugins/Mods/Features: plugins: macroinclude, autokach.

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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#75 Post by smallvill3 »

Hello all, just because im newbie here doesn't mean im a noobies.
After so long being an invincible user, today i decided to register and join Openkore team.
Thank you, below are my details:

Name: smallvill3
Age: 22
Location: Malaysia
Languages: English / Malay
Experience: Openkore User
Time: 3 hours / day or more
Position: Localize table update for mRO
Bugs: -
Plugins/Mods/Features: -
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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#76 Post by TheMPi »

Name: TheMPi
Age: 18
Location: Oceania
Language: English/Vietnamese
Experience: C/C++, VBScript, Java, VB6, Web, Ruby(long ago), Perl(now)
Time: hard to say bcuz I have work and school.
Position: Tester
Bugs: NONE
Plugin: NONE

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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#77 Post by CappieWilliams »

Name: CappieWilliams
Age: 15
Location: Canada (But living in Spain)
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Experience: C#,, C++ and Delphi
Time: About 20h (or moar) per week :3
Position: Developer/Supporter
Bugs: Nothing atm >:
Plugins/Mods/Features: Nothing atm >_<

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Plain Yogurt
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Re: Doc Writer/Supporter/Tester/Developer Recruitement

#78 Post by daggerblade »

I would like to join. Even if i cant help much in the beggining, any basic task u ask me to do ill try.

Name: daggerblade
Age: 28
Location: Brazil
Languages: portuguese, english
Experience: am familiar with openkore, macros a little, basic. Been learning other languages and studying since a year ago (and a few months hehe).
Time: 6-8 hours each week
Position: supporter. Since im studying i believe your going to help me more than i am helping you but ill be glad to give a hand.
Bugs: none