Got Openkore Issues/Problems READ HERE


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Got Openkore Issues/Problems READ HERE

#1 Post by benj1320 »

1. Read it here.. Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question or problem? Read this forum first! Someone has probably already asked the same thing in the past. Do not ASK questions there just READ (obviously you need to understand the contents too) !!

2. Still No Luck.. try this... Resolved Questions Section

All resolved question will be found here. It is recommended that you browse / search through this section first and see if your question has been answered before.

3. haven't found any solutions... then Read the MANUAL

Still no luck?? ... then finally it's the support sections turn... Now you can post your problems in the PROPER support forums
just make sure you follow the right template when posting. READ THE SUB FORUM RULES

... and Don't go posting from thread to thread just to show how BIG your problems are.. you'll just get a warning and be ignored.
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