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Re: Ragnarok Online PH [2017 RELAUNCH] Discussion

#961 Post by shadowgloww »

Dear All,

My Apology is this is posted in the wrong section. I've tried looking in the FAQ and using the search tool before i posted this.

I've been away for years and it feels good to be back. I am wondering is this PH server under the same publisher Electronics Extreme?

Can the similar files under roPH be used for MYSG? with changing the IP, server version/master of course.

What about the rcv packets?

Look forward to hear from you guys.

Appreciate the guidance.

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Re: Ragnarok Online PH [2017 RELAUNCH] Discussion

#962 Post by alucardver »

Good day to all, i found some archive of someone asking and making some research over the internet, and based on some videos i watched in youtube, i believed someone is already accomplished it. Someone named "unknown" is his name and if im not mistaken, he is also a member in this forum nor in github, i cannot recall. but to make this short, here are his question and answers of some guys who help him out, "maybe" just maybe, we can find some clues here on how to solve this bot problem.

1st. https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/8 ... -in-a-file
2nd. https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/8 ... n-function

If im correct he is trying to accomplish xkore 4 decryptor here before. and now it's working fine. that's what i believe.

Based on the post below, im sure, this is what he needs in order to make this working.

regarding AntiCheat now, i knew someone already bypass this anti cheat and can inject NetRedirect.dll into the client but still cannot penetrate the server because of the encryption method.

Exia wrote:
alucardver wrote:
Exia wrote:Good Day pRO 2017 Ragnarockerz. Maybe my account is new here but im not new in Botting World in pRO the Last time i played pRO is the Valkyrie time. Maybe there still some people here to help me or someone can and i will help also too and share some of my accomplishment. For now eto lang ang nagawa ko at ang nakita ko talagang biggest problem ng pRO 2017 ngayon ay ang packets.i manage to search all over other forums or section about this lets say nag start ulit ako sa 0% from searching working I.P. then correct server.txt(im not sure im talagang correct but i manage to login and able to get my character on the map but not moving) yes correct i think yung natitirang problema dito ay about sa Moving packets or attack packets dont know if im correct but eto lang ang napansin ko. Unknown packets or stuck during route ang lumalabas. I Hope meron dito kaya mag resolve neto then if na fix i will share mine also to all not to sell but to give help to others


Hindi mo binanggit kung nakikita mo ang character mo sa loob ng game. Baka gaya din ng iba, ghost log in yan.

Na check ko nga not physical log in tsaka sinubukan ko rin mag type sa chat box using openkore ayaw hahays long way to go to fix this

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