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idRO Freya needs help from oversea developers

Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 23:25
by schokoramell
idRO freya (revo classic server) has 0 devs. Is there anyone here willing to take the spot? No one visits our subforum anymore.

First, i apologize for my poor vocabularies.

- We can't autologin now. For every single bot, we have to manually login through the RO client up to character selection while having packet sniffer on before running start.exe.

- If we change map server, we will be disconnected and unable to relogin because it requires new packet.

- After teleport, we can't do anything for 30s. We can't move, attack/be attacked, use item, use skill, we can't even use teleport again.

Someone already solved all those problems but he's not sharing the bot freely. He has monopoly and demands a 60$ monthly payment. He's the only one who knows how to update the recvpacket (or whatever it is. i don't really know how it works) which changes every maintenance. Many people including my friends are using that 60$/month bot. There could easily be 100 people using his service, so 6000$ monthly untaxed income in a country with 200$ monthly minimum wage. I'm not saying he's wrong for doing that. In fact I commend him for being smart. I just wish it wasn't that expensive cause my poor ass can't afford that. I know it's entirely selfish reason, so feel free to bash me.

I have 0 programming knowledge and I only know how to edit a few things in the control folder. If any devs here are willing to develop idRO restart, maybe you can sell your work for lower price (please?) preferably one time payment or maybe 10~20$/month instead of 60$/month. Open a discord server and sell it there since it's not allowed here.

Btw i'm only using bots for buff slaves. It's super easy to get giant fly wing here. And i want to take advantage of that by leveling up using gfw and bring my buff slaves (sacrifice, priest, performers) with me. Not that it's any more justifiable than using bot for farming. But since I'm not using it for farming. I can't cover the cost by selling farmed items. So 60$/month is really really expensive for me.

Anyway thanks for reading. And feel free to bash my plebian soul to death.

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