Lightside/legend "Waiting for the Ragnarok online client"

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Re: Lightside/legend

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Ok, sorry for double posting again (i couldn't edit it because it was still waiting for approval).

I was re-reading the entire topic to see if i missed any info, and it turns out i did :

4epT wrote:Yes, the bot works! (mode xkore 1)

Having failed after so many hours/days,
tryed using xkore 1 considering i'm the one connecting to the server and not the bot, it would solve most connectivity problems( or so i think)

i trye using both the server types SkylorD advised and the one i had ( to check if it was happening due to wrong server type)

SkylorD wrote:
serverType kRO_Sakexe_2009_04_08a <---- the original from pandi and data extracted with tools indicates 2010_05_08,

2009_04_08 is the closest one in the folder, like the connectivity guide advises ( uses closest date available)




So, i've set the exe in the config type

XKore 1
XKore_silent 1
XKore_bypassBotDetection 0
XKore_exeName llroexe2.exe

( the orginal is didn't have the .exe part but the bot didnt recognize the process until i've added it)

all bring the same issue, this is what happens

" please start the Ragnarok Online client (llroexe.exe) <-- so good so far
Ragnarok Online client found <-- so good so far
Waiting for the Ragnarok online client to connect to X-kore... <-- and it stays here indefinatly.

using wxstart, causes the bot to crash and not respond when it reaches this, using regular start leaves it there indefinatly

I couldn't find any help with this on faqs, what can cause this? wrong server type? wrong charBlocksize? encryption?

ps:need to say Thanks for being patient and keep trying to help even after so long :D

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Re: Lightside/legend

#32 Post by Luminoth »

Well, i'm out of idead. the connectivity guide doesn't cover this issue and can't find any related post on forum