List of Not Resolved bugs | 2.0.7

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List of Not Resolved bugs | 2.0.7

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Please fix bug's related to 2.0.7 version of OpenKore.
If Bug still Exist, please Duplicate it on BugTracker in more informative way, so we can resolve it.
If some bug's are already resolved, please inform here.

Please test and reflect on the provided fix attempts.
The faster every bug gets solved, the faster 2.1 will get released. So we need you guys now more than ever!

List of Unresolved bugs:

slave skills in main AI
9964, 11442 stuck on autosell/autobuy/autostorage
saving block options in included config files - requires more specific config/include specification
incorrect name for certain forged items
11565 endless teleport (FIXED)
skillsarea/skillsencore etc update for renewal - skillsarea is not needed anymore; skillencore needs update
(multiple) undefined $field (when there is no such field in tables?)

List of Unable to fix bugs:
r6840 | Action Delay status stays active. (reason: kRO server don't seem to have this problem... might be eA related)
AI get stuck (reason: unable to reproduce, might be fixed)
AI Doesn't give up | SVN 6458 (reason: unable to reproduce, might be fixed)
Infinite Teleport Loop | SVN (reason: this is not a bug, read 2nd last post in the topic)
2.0.7 RC | error occur while attacking monster (fix attempt in svn as of: r7017) (reason: this was caused by wrongly parsed actor packets, which we were fixed, but using a wrong serverType can still cause this, stupidity can bug people but its not a bug :P)

BOT with Homunculus, BUG | 2.0.7 (reason: more information needed...)
2.0.7 | Bot Standing upon entering portal (reason: more information needed...)

List of Resolved bugs:
attackSkillSlot timeout, target_timeout not working
instances support (tested?)
tankMode on Homunculus (and Mercenary?) | SVN (fix attempt in svn as of: r7030)
Bug About, unable to use item on monster[Version 2.0.7/2.1]
infinite loop talking to guards at moc_fild20 SVN
Undefined subroutine & Network
Guild Ally & Antagonist list
r6885 | 'party request' doesn't work for remote party invite
openkore Bug "TK mission ranking points" error | r6927
r6957 | console spamming "deal cancelled"
r6918 | party show picker
Monster name in taekwon mission
[patch] Fix PM System of tRO to work properly
iro problems/crashes
2.0.7 | Task DESTROY bug
Can't locate object method "sendRaw"
The start doesnt start | party_join | 2.0.7
r6894 | console map load errors come up randomly
Can't use string ("skill")
Xkore 2 hotkeys - reverse condition | SVN
r7025 | Can't call method "isOffMap"
instance map not recognized
wx fontchange error
pm BUG, unable to receive ppl pm message
Bug in SkillsAddAuto ?
processAutoStatsRaise/processAutoSkillsRaise & teleport
and more...

unresolved: 0
resolved: +25

Other 2.1 related TODO's:
- recompile binaries without DEBUG (DONE!)