Date of two girls.


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Date of two girls.

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The most successful tackle from a girl?
From the responses we received, we took three different degrees of cheerfulness.

The first, cunning: “I had only one case when they were imposed on me. The girl asked for help with a laboratory at the university. Not to say that it was successful, but sympathy arose. "

The second, action-packed: “The girl took her hand and took her to the toilet in the bar. There, however, they drank whiskey from a flask, which she took out of her purse. But the acquaintance started right away! "

The third, cool: “The coolest tackle was when the girl openly began to talk about her“ failures ”in childhood, studentship, etc., of course, without mentioning any men. In fact, she opened up to me, and the context made it clear that she liked me. "

Sasha comments on the responses received:

- A tackle performed by a girl is not as wild as a few years ago. Although the topic is debatable. You often sit in a company, and the girl languishes: “Should I write to him or not write? Will it go a plus or a minus to me? " And a bunch of all sorts of advice immediately flies.

It seems to me that this is already acceptable for the Belarusian society. Okay. But personally, I'm more for the classics. If I take the initiative first, something seems to be violated - and the man will lose the image of a conqueror. I’m kind of against manipulation (because it’s a little bit of violence), but I always try to give the guy space for heroic deeds.

I liked the story about sincerity. It's constructive. It's always trendy. True, the line is thin. It's unpleasant when on the first date you are loaded with their strains. So you need to choose your stories carefully. Negativity can be scary.

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Re: Date of two girls.

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Not every girl can still admit that she is not like everyone else. And finding a girlfriend on the street, in a cafe or other real place - it seems impossible at all. It's good that there is a lesbiedates review, after which all doubts disappear that you are so alone and they will not be able to understand you. I would like to instantly register and start chatting!

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