Unknown Monster

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Unknown Monster

#1 Post by 0dr4ud3 »

Hey guys, I'm having a little Unknown Monster problem when using openkore on a private server. What is happening is that he is not identifying any monsters in the game. However, items, NPCs and other information are recognized correctly.

The server info is correct, obtained through the Connective Guide on the official website of openkore, in addition to the recvpackets, which was extracted through PEEK, servertype at first is also correct, using PEViewer.

What I found interesting, is that the monsters' names are generated in monsters.txt, but in the Openkore console, they are still not recognized. Another thing I noticed, is that on this server, the items / npcs are translated into Portuguese, but the monsters are all in English, I don't know if this has anything to do with the unknown monster problem.

If anyone has any idea what it might be, and can give it a boost there, thank you so much!