Is "hip pain" dangerous? How can it relieve symptoms?

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Is "hip pain" dangerous? How can it relieve symptoms?

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Many of you may have experienced hip pain, which is often caused by activities that require extra use of the joints and the hip muscles. Thus resulting in hip pain following, but hip pain Can it still be caused by other reasons? And is hip pain dangerous? We can find answers together with this article from Hello Doctor.
Why is there hip pain?
Hip pain It is a health problem that can happen to everyone. Especially if there are activities or use around the hips or legs. May cause fatigue, stiffness or inflammation in the muscles, tendons and hip joints. This will make you feel hip pain. However, hip pain. It can also be caused by various health symptoms as well, including
Rheumatic diseases or various types of arthritis Especially in the elderly, the disease is often found easily. Rheumatic symptoms can result in inflammation of the joints and hip cartilage. Causing pain in the hips
Hip fracture As you age, your bones will begin to weaken. This makes it more prone to brittle or fractured bones, which if hip fractures or fractures occur. It will result in hip pain.
Inflammatory swelling of the joints In the joints of people there are small bursa, which lubricate and reduce the friction of the tissues around the joints. But whenever the bursa cyst is inflamed Will result in Hip pain
Tendonitis is a thick tissue band. Performs an important role in holding the bones and muscles together. But when the tendon becomes stiff or inflamed Will create pain in that area
Stiffness of the muscles and tendons Certain activities may involve the active or extreme movement of the muscles and tendons that support the hip, causing stiffness in the tendons and muscles. Which if the tendons and muscles are so tight that they cause inflammation It will cause pain in the hip.
Hip tear Loop-like tear of the cartilage Also known as labrum (labrum) at the area of the hip joint. Will cause pain in the hip Due to the overuse of the muscles in the hip joints causing tearing of the cartilage
Cancer, although not often found But cancer can also contribute to hip pain. It is most often caused by a tumor in the bone.
Avascular necrosis - slow blood flow to the hip bone can lead to death of the tissue around the hip joint. And affect other joints as well
Is hip pain dangerous?
If hip pain Caused by fatigue in work or activities Self-help hip pain relief at home Can help improve symptoms But if the cause of hip pain is due to a number of health conditions, such as arthritis, ligamentitis, hip tear, it is a serious risk. Which need to pgslot168 be diagnosed and treated with a medical professional
How to relieve hip pain at home
If there is hip pain Try to reduce the movement that will cause the bend. Or causing pressure on the hips Try to sleep on your side Or avoid sitting in place for a long time
Some pain relievers It can help to better relieve pain, respectively, such as ibuprofen (ibuprofen) acetaminophen. (Acetaminophen) hot compress or cold compress
Compressing the hip on the affected area with ice, cold water, or a warm bath or bath can help loosen the muscles. It can help relieve hip pain.
When should I see my doctor?
If self-pain relief does not improve Hip pain Your work or activity may not come from fatigue. But it may be due to other causes that require diagnosis and medical treatment. Or if the following symptoms occur Should immediately see a doctor.
Deformed joints
Inability to move one or both legs or hips
Legs cannot bear weight
Have severe pain
Acute swelling
There are signs that could mean an infection, such as swelling, redness, fever, chills, etc.

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