Patients with "kidney disease" with food that should - should not eat.

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Patients with "kidney disease" with food that should - should not eat.

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Eating a healthy diet is another option, which can help reduce your risk of many diseases. Especially in people with congenital disease, special attention must be paid to eating habits. Each day, eat all 5 food groups and be careful in choosing food types.
Hello, the doctor brings together 5 foods for kidney disease patients, including foods that kidney disease patients have to take special care in so as not to cause complications or worsening symptoms.
Kidney disease
Kidney disease is caused by a disorder in the kidneys that are unable to remove waste products from the body. Generally, the kidneys are responsible for screening the nutrients in the blood and removing the waste products from the blood and excess water in urine. As a result, patients have nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fatigue, less urination, etc. pgslot168
Diet for patients with kidney disease
Eating right and right may be another option to slow down the deterioration of your kidneys. You should also consult your doctor and nutritionist for dietary advice that is appropriate for your disease, such as limiting phosphorus and calcium intake. Reducing the consumption of potassium, etc.

5 healthy food For patients with kidney disease
Choosing foods that are beneficial for the kidneys May help the kidneys work more efficiently And help slow down and reduce the deterioration of the kidneys Which foods are beneficial for the kidneys Is as follows
Sea bass
High blood pressure is a risk factor for kidney disease. Eating fish with omega-3 fatty acids can help lower blood fat levels and regulate blood pressure. But you shouldn't eat too much to maintain your phosphorus level in the body.

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