Danger Signs Disease "Cataract" The first symptoms that can be observed

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Danger Signs Disease "Cataract" The first symptoms that can be observed

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The eyes are very important organs in our lives. And even if you don't have a risky behavior on your eyes But with many factors in life such as the use of eyes in daily life Or getting older It can lead to problems such as Cataracts, an eye disease that many people are concerned about. slotxo Traditionally, before the onset of cataracts There are often warning signs to the eye that could indicate a cataract or symptom. So what forms of those signals will take place?


Factors that cause cataract
In everyday life When you have to use your eyes to read, work, or even look at nature every day and with age. As a result, the proteins inside the eye gather and change the corneal lens from a clear place. Turbid In addition to that, there are also various behaviors That may increase the risk of cataract as follows

Does not protect your eyes from the sun
High blood sugar
Take steroid drugs
Radiation exposure

Danger signs disease "cataract"
Signs that can occur to the eyes Is as follows

Blurred or blurry vision
Cataracts start from a small point. It can still have little effect on vision, things can look a little blurry or blurry. Sometimes the vision you see may look like an impressionist painting. (Impressionist Painting) or painting from the water color itself.
Over time, this effect will continue to increase. Your world may seem blurred or more dim. Besides that, reading the newspaper Or it will be more difficult to read drug labels with small letters, even with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Have vision problems at night
As cataracts develop, symptoms begin to darken. That is yellow or brown in the eyes Which will affect night vision Making it harder to do nighttime activities such as driving a car
If you suspect that you have a cataract Should be very careful at night. It's a good idea, don't drive when you start to see poorly.

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