12 famous dating apps That makes you forget about being single throughout 2020

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12 famous dating apps That makes you forget about being single throughout 2020

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With today's world rush and heavy duty Finding opportunities to meet with each other, sometimes young men want it. So many People choose to stay single. In spite of really And they don't want to live with this state that much. But from now on, single won't be a big problem anymore. When we have prepared 12 popular dating apps to get us out of singles.

1. OkCupid
Let's start with the popular dating app OKCupid, the dating app that originated from real dating companies. So this app dating is very professional. Perfect for people who are really looking for a real dating partner. Before accessing the app, you will have to answer all the psychological questions in detail. So that the app can find the person that best suits us. Considered another very interesting app for singles.


2. Tinder
Let's continue on the app with Tinder, an international dating app. Which brings together the youngest and most international one app With functions in simple use, just "Swipe Match Date", swipe right when meeting the right person. Swipe left when you meet someone who isn't. And swipe up on or press star when you meet people you like To let the other party know Just as it will give you the opportunity to develop relationships in the future.


3. Bumble
For people who want to find a girlfriend as a foreigner Let's introduce you to Bumble, the dating app that is very popular right now. The app was born when a portion of the development team broke apart from Tinder to create something different. But the development team did not forget to implement a simple function like "Swipe Left, Swipe Right" as well. So that users can easily find a partner.


4. Coffee Meets Bagel
The Coffee Meets Bagel app comes with the concept of "Quality, Not Quantity". When filling out information Add a profile picture And choose different preferences until complete The app will recruit people who are suitable for us. By at noon of each day About 2-3 interesting people will be updated, and if you meet someone you like, you can talk to develop a relationship.


5. Happn
The Happn app might get people close to you, because this app comes with a concept. "The soulmate may be someone we've crossed paths before," highlighting people who have actually crossed paths within about 250 meters if we cross paths with people who use the Happn app like us when crossing profiles. He will pop up on our app. It is an application that is likely to allow you to get someone close to you.

6. Facebook dating
If you still hesitate Not sure which app to use Introducing a new feature like Facebook Dating on the Facebook application, it will bring users with single status on the Facebook app to meet each other, with the Dating profile being separated from the main Facebook profile without fear of being found. People you know in dating function because Facebook will not recommend friends on the main profile page. And the people we used to block Definitely come in the dating function


7. Badoo
Another no less popular dating app to give to is Badoo, the UK dating app. That are popular with the trend all over the world right now Is an app that selects trustworthy people Because details such as profile picture, work status, and behavior must be fully identified, you can be confident that the person you are talking to is the real person. Plus, the app awards quality profiles.

8. Grindr
Ladies will have to give up this app first, as Grindr is a gay dating app. Of users with MSM tastes This app is very popular abroad. But in Thailand there are also quite a lot of active users Therefore should make it easy to find someone to know The user can view profile picture. Chat with your favorite person And build to know each other Before developing relationships in the future

9. Omi
Although it was recently released, the Omi app has gained a lot of popularity with users. Most of the users are assured of safety. Because before use, it has to be carefully and strictly filled out. Various functions can be easily used. But the cool function of the app must give "Quiz" a function for users to ask and answer each other. To get to know each other's identity There are also many types of stickers available to send to each other.

10. Hater
Hater is another app that should be liked by many people. Comes with the concept of "dating, you must hate the same", the app has 3,000 "hate" topics. The app will select people who like and hate things like us to introduce us to. This is another app that should lengthen the relationship of those who are talking to each other.


11. Lovoo
The Lovoo app is another app that is interesting. The highlight of the app is that it is easy to use and easy to use, just log in. The functionality is similar to other apps that users can find their favorite ones. If you find someone you like, you can send messages to each other. You can also share our stories with others to see as well. Considered to be another dating app that you should not miss.

12. Kooup
Finally, with a dating app for people who believe in fortune like the Kooup app is one of the top dating apps in Thailand, users must log in to use it. And fill out all personal information Then you will be able to find people who have a horoscope In addition, the user can define the specifications of the people we like as well, such as body shape, height, skin color, education and occupation in order to get both people who match the specification and have a good luck.

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