[Talonheim] - bot allowed private server

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[Talonheim] - bot allowed private server

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Server Rate: x0.5 / x0.5 / x0.5
Daily special buff, claim from NPC
x2 on weekdays, for next 3 hours (rate x1/ x1/ x1)
x2 on weekends, for next 6 hours (rate x1/ x1/ x1)
Map of the day, 10+ maps will autorotate every 3hours with bonus exp+6%, drop rate+ 4%

Episodic Update
Current Episode : EP. 5 (YUNO) - started 18th Dec 2023.

Normal Cards: 0.01%
Mini-Boss Cards: Disabled (will enable later)
MvP Cards: Disabled (will enable later)
Item Based Drop: x0.5
Quest Exp Rate: x0.5
Death Penalty: x0.5

Server Information
Server mode: Classic Pre-renewal
Emulator: rAthena
Max. Base Level / Job Level: 99/70
Max. Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast DEX: 150
Party Share Range: 15 Levels
International Server
Dual Login: Enabled (Disabled for WoE/PvP/GvG/KoE)
Bottable: Allow (Max 2 active logins)
Server Language: English, Malay, Indonesia, Tagalog
Server Time: MYT (Malaysia Time)
Requires xKore3+client for botting. A little resource intensive but assures game/ economic stability with no mass botting (on top of IP limit).

I'm not server owner, please find server owner in the discord "meteor64".
I'm known as "Bullet" in old KoreRO v.1 and v.2. (hosted by Azara & Core Developer).
you can find me in the discord as "Sylar