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 Post subject: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 01:54 
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Xeps Guide.

An Introduction by me Xeps.1 (attention whore)

Ok, so seeing how my guide was pinned just recently. I can sense that a lot more players will be reading this guide. Thus leading me to write this introduction so i can brag about such and such and etc. Anyways, I had a Dream. I had a dream that black people, white people, asian people, brown people, and all kinds of people can socialize peacefully on this server. But more than that, i had a dream that all people, people of all colors, people of all disabilities, will at least be able to make MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. But you can't make any money without any EXPERIENCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Thus, please be seated and enjoy your journey through the insanely long "The Secret To Mass EXP & Zeny Guide", by Xeps.1 & Co. (Co. being you, the reader!)

Please Read this Introduction if your a Beginning Player.

Things you will learn from this guide as a beginner:

1. Where to level
2. Where to earn money
3. The importance of earning money and gaining Uber (advanced) items.
4. Laziness is not the key to success, but almost always gives a temporary satisfaction.
5. Certain Statistic and Skill Builds

Things you will learn from this guide if your a professional:

1. More Places/Strategies where you can earn big time cash
2. Learn of More EXP Places
3. PM Xeps if you know of a place not listed in this guide, so he can add your method in this guide
4. You will also find the guide unnecessary in certain parts, and quite tedious in other parts.

Also, im really excited about Explorer Maximo's quests topic. It's amazing. please drop her some rep points in this topic:

V 0.1-0.9 Brainstormed and Co-Created by IRL friend Stars (First wG leader) March 2005
V 1.0 – General Guide to EXP/Zeny/Strategy April 2005
V 1.1 – First Edited Version May 2006
V 1.2 – Edited Version July 2006 (includes Extreme Zeny Making Strategy)
V 1.3 - Edited Some Bkc info, added waghnak info.
V 1.4 - Added Money Map - gef_fild11 - July 10, 2006
V 1.5 - Edited Money Maps - July 17, 2006
V 1.6 - Edited Multiple Sections - July 21, 2006
V 1.7 - Edited Multiple Sections - August 04, 2006[/b]
V 1.8 - Put In Some Info for New Patch - August 12, 2006
V 1.9 - Updated some more stuff. - August 20, 2006
V 2.0 - September 23, 2006 - upgraded money maps
V 2.1 - September 27, 2006 - upgraded money maps
V 2.2 - November 7, 2006 - upgraded money maps
V 2.3 - November 20, 2006 - upgraded specific help section
V 2.4 - November 25, 2006 - upgraded money maps *Thanksgiving Special by Disposable*
V 2.5 - December 18, 2006 - upgraded money maps, special thanks Nejix, Kildy, likepeas, finch
V 2.6 - January 13, 2007 - upgraded old information
V 2.7 - February 20, 2007 - Further Upgraded the Organization of this guide
V 2.8 - March 13, 2007 - upgraded money maps
V 2.9 - April 20, 2007 - Upgraded Section 2 of Guide, Also in Future, will be Section 3
V 3.0 - May 19, 2007 - Brainstorming Section 3, Upgraded leveling zones.
V 3.1 - May 29, 2007 - edited some price details
V 3.2 - June 06, 2007 - Added inspirational token speech
V 3.3 - June 22, 2007 - Fixed old errors, added money map by Jitenya
V 3.4 - June 30, 2007 - Updates to sections 1 & 2, credits to Jitenya and Volkerkant
V 3.5 - July 9, 2007 - Added zeny methods, preparation for new patch, edited details.
V 3.6 - August 15, 2007 - Fixed @warp sections and also fixed stuff relating to new patch.
V 3.7 - October 28, 2007 - Edited Old Stuff, added a money method.
V 3.8 - November 15, 2007 - Added method / cleanup / cleaned up bad words i wrote long ago
V 3.9 - December 17, 2007 - Further Cleanup, added methods, fixed errors
V 4.0 - February 23, 2008 - Extreme cleanup, Adjusted to current Xilero standings.

Getting Experience for levels 1-255

•If you are uber with bkcs and chocos and etc. If you have a mass attack skill such as meteor assault, grand cross, bowling bash, stormgust/meteor, etc. then you can get from 1-255 in like 8 hours in juperos_01.

Level 1-50

•Prt_Fild08 | [south prt] (Stab poring to death, kill the occasional lunatic/drops/pupa/fabre)
•Prt_Fild07 [south prt then 1 west] (Stab gRockers and Poporings to death)
•Payon Cave 1 and 2 | Credits go to DarkFoxx (recommended)
•Tip | Rockers and Poporings are also good exp.
•Prt_Fild03 | (More rockers and poporings)
•Byalan Dungeon 1 (suggested for levels +30)


Level 51-79

•Orcsdun01 | for levels 51-61 (Kill orcs one at a time, avoid mobs unless you have an Area of Effect Spell/Skill)
•Orcsdun02 | for levels 62-79 (Kill orcs/zenorcs one at a time, avoid mobs unless you have an Area of Effect Spell/Skill)
•Byalan Dungeon 1,2,3,4
•@Warp Cmd_Fild02 For Ubered Players
•Payon dungeon 1 and Payon Dungeon 2
•Toy Factory Levels 1 & 2 (Use NPC Warper)

Level 80-100

•Cmd_fild02 (Seals)
•Cmd_fild04 (Sea otters)
•If your a Wizard with fast cast, Stormgust everything in Orc dungeon level 2 and you will be level 100 in 10 Minutes (take care not to KILLSTEAL and be sure your stats have Int and Dex)
•Payon Dungeon 2, 3, and 4
•Guild Dungeon 4, undead creatures here, Fire element works well (Ubered Players Only)
•Toy Factory Levels 1 & 2 (Use NPC Warper)
•If uber, bio labs level 1

Level 101-120

•Ama_dun02 (Amatsu Dungeon)
•Moc_pryd04 (Also known as Pyramids)
•LightHalzen Level 1
•Geffen Dungeon Level 4 if your a sniper with 3000+ Falcon Assault, with a few blue pots u can kill the incubus and succubus in no time.....
•Guild Dungeon level 3, most monsters give you about 4-10% exp. This place is especially good for instant cast wizards/wizardess.
•Bio Labs level 1

•Credits: Onilink, Zaphir, Druid of Chaos, cold_fusion

Level 121-150

•Nifleheim Level 1/2
•Lighthalzen Level 1-2 (i need some help on how much exp they give, please comment)
•Amatsu Dungeon 3/4
•Pyramids Level 4/5
•Ra_fild05 (preferrably for monks)

It would be nice to have this equipment for Ra_fild05:

1. A shield with an Orc Warrior card
2. Footwear with a Mini-Demon card
3. Robe with a Dustiness Card
4. Wind Armor or Armor with a Dokkaebi Card

Then if you think you can handle huge mobs and jerks with nothing better to do than kill you, head to ra_fild05
If not, head to ra_fild06.
Start killing Hill Winds.
Note: Assassins/Dual-hand weilders, I advise you to go for high Vit.

•Geffen Dungeon 3-4
•Abyss Lake 1-2 (i need some help on how much exp they give, please comment)
•Guild dungeon level 3/4 (this place is great for any class, Especially for priests and mages, and even for assassins.
•If uber, bio labs level 2
•Got bkcs and all the ubers? Just head to Crystal Caves

•Credits: Pyro1896, OniLink, CriminalMind, Volkerkant

Level 151-180

•Crystal Caves level 1/2
•ayo_fild02, 01
•ayo_dun01, 02
•abyss lake 1-2 (i need some help on how much exp they give, please comment)
•LightHalzen 1,2 (i need some help on how much exp they give, please comment)
•Snipers can take on chocos at gon_fild01/prt_fild03/um_fild02
•Juperos Dungeon 1/2
•biolabs level 2
•Thor Dungeon:

It would be good to have the following equipment:

1. A shield with a Penomena card
2. Footwear with a Iron Fist card (Obtainable through Old Card Album ONLY)
3. Robe with a Jakk card
4. Fire Armor or Armor with a Pasana card

Head to ve_fild03 or to the Thor Dungeon. Kill Magmarings. If you are in the Thor Volcano, watch out for Kasa. It may be the last monster you see in the dungeon.

Credits: Volkerkant

Level 181-254

•Crystal Caves (um_dun01, um_dun02)
•LightHalzen level 3 (biolab) - Make sure u have a priest. or ur ubered as hell with healing items. it's really easy for wiz to exp here.
•Abyss Lake level 3 (i need some help on how much exp they give, please comment)
•Ayo_dun01, 02
•Um_fild01, 02 (Chocos)
•Prt_fild03 (chocos)
•Bio Labs level 3 (be careful, dont mob)
•Field of Nightmares (gon_fild01) (chocos)
•Juperos 1/2 (all AOE characters please level here)
•Amatsu Dungeon Last Level kill Shinobis (Ama_dun03)

Shortcut Methods

For level 1-100, gather a bunch of ygg leafs (around +50), get a guildmate or friend and both of you should warp to crystal caves level 1. As your friend tanks the wootan golems for you, you should ressurect them using the ygg leafs for a chance to instantly kill them. You will get to level +100 in a matter of seconds (2-5 wootan golems).

$ | Money/Zeny Maps | $

---People always say they know the money maps. =/. Here's a few tips. Never run out of patience and the money will come flowing.

First money map:

•I forgot the place but it's either moc_fild13 or moc_fild14. It's the one with the big brown desert wolves. These wolves drop Stilettos 95% of the time. After your at 90% weight limit, drop all the other worthless stuff and keep all the stilletos. Then put the stilletos inside your @storage or use @autostore 0 2 which puts all equipment you pick up into your storage . After you do that, keep killing more until your storage is full. Then go on your merchant and over charge EVERYTHING. This will take 1 hour or longer. I did it in 1 hour and 30 min and i had +3million. While its bad for an hours work, moc_fild is an excellent starting place for money makers. Happy Hunting?[/b]

Second Money Map:

•This is for the mages with instant cast and teleport. My personal favorite toy factory level 2. Right here in Xmas land . If your a low level mage with instant cast then teleport, then kill all the myst cases using sg/jt/bolts ONLY. and then put the pearls and all that nice stuff in your storage to sell later, and start attacking again. Whats the income for this place? 1 hour and 30 minutes was a nice 5 million for me. The nice part about this map is, that the pearls stack =O. Rings and accessories dont stack,.... but pearls stack. So saving them in your storage is nice. Perhaps one would try this place out? Not only do they have pearls but they also have amethyst that are worth around 3k each and piece of cakes which are worth around 1.5k. with the 5k pearls added to that, you should have a very nice amount by the end of an hour.

Credits: Bloodkill

Third money Map:

•This is for everyone who's level +120. You should go to geffen dungeon 3-4. Attack only Violy, Succubus, and Incubus. Keep all those rings and accessories and throw all that other stuff away. And after 1 hour of killing in geffen dungeon 4. You will have +6 MILLION in 1 hour if your fast. I personally get lots of cash using my wizard with teleport or with my sniper that kills reall quickly. Snipers usually make +8 Mill an hour there. Wizards make around +4 Mil. Assassins make around +5 million an hour with nice dmg, spells, and fast attack. Smiths, Bards, and Monks also make decent amounts. Monks make around 12-15m w/o overcharge. Take Care Not to Go Near the Apocalypse and BKCS.

Fourth Money Map:

• I smell zeny.

Credits: Cold_fusion

Fifth Money Map: Copied from Disposable

•"Well, when I was at around level 80-100 I made money quite easily killing Nine Tails at pay_dun04.

•Nine Tails drop:
Dead Branches 50% of the time. Sell for around 5-10k vending.
Old Blue Box 50% of the time. Sell for around 20-30k vending.
Nine Tails 100% of the time. 999 makes 1 Fox Mask, 1 Fox mask sells for 15-30m each.
Royal Jelly 100% of the time. Selling to NPC is 4kish each.

•In about 2 hours at level 100ish as a SinX (stealing from each Nine Tails to get another Nine Tails, possibly) I had enough Nine Tails for a Fox Mask. Which sold for 45m refined to +4. I also received somewhere around 1000 Royal Jellies (400k), 500 DBs (500kish), and 500 OBBs (1mish).

•Soooo, about 47m in 2 hours. I don't think that that is to shabbeh. Only drawback is that you need a Merchant, and some spare time to vend. (Sleeping/Eating always works good if you spend as much time on the computer as me -_-)"

Credits: Disposable

---Sixth Money Map:

•If your a monk with snap, or a character with teleport, and you past level 150. I suggest, if you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Go to xmas_fild01 and hunt for fang of garm. On this server fang of garm can be worth up to 5-25 million zeny. The monster "Garm" is known to spawn every 2 hours server time, so keep track of your time by using the @clock command. You dont want to spend time searching for Garm when he's already dead. (This is only for MAIN server).

If any updates have buffed the Garm, this method is invalid.

---Seventh Money Map:

•If your level 150+ just head to amatsu level 3-4, kill shinobi's and collect the thief clothes there and throw everything else out. I know this will take around 1 hour to actually get your inventory full of thief clothes. The key to holding more thief clothes in your inventory is the amount of strength you have. I personally make around +9 mil an hour here. Thief clothes sell so nicely.

---Eight Money Map (Continuation of the sixth money map):

•If your super fast as in your a monk with snap, or a character with slepnirs and extra fast stuff, you can easily get fang of garm. The item should say "Fang of Haiti" and when you try to buy one instead of hunt for it, Make sure it says "Fang of Haiti". And what idiot sells a garm for 1 mil. Obviously its a fake if they sell it for that cheap. You can also buy 100 fly wings and right when garm spwans out just start using them up.

---9th Money Map:

•GTB Money Method will no longer work after the update due to it's humongous hp and attack damage-

---10th Money Map:

•Hunt choco's. If you can kill them without dying once, Then this is the place to be. This is probably the best way to make money. If your a monk, use the pneuma/tss build. If your a sniper, get a +7 double stun silence drowsy composite/seeker bow and get around 130 luck and make sure u set some traps up so the choco doesnt hurt you.. Trust me, the Monkey Fist wont even move an inch if u use good trapping tactics. If your a sinx, make sure u have your poisons/magnumbreakcard on, and just slash the chocos to death (u will need yggs). And after you kill around 100-200 chocos you should have around 1-2 choco cards. Keep in mind that choco cards are worth lots of money and you can probably make a fortune off of hunting chocos.

---11th money map:

•Tur_dun03/Lighthalzen level 3/abyss lake? under research.

---12th Money Map (July 4 2006 Special):

•In depth on Choco Hunting Money Making. The most successful cash producer in Xilero. First of all you need a sniper with 195 aspd, decent attack (700-9000), and some vitality. This is fairly Simple, your sniper just hunts Chocos. Chocos drop 5 things that are vital in your success to exp and Extreme Cash.

Manteau [1]
Choco Card [+10 all Stats]
Chain Mail [AKA CM, 1 slot]
Christmas Card [gives you random amount of zeny from 1 – million]
Gold [sells for 100k but offers alternative equips if you meet the right npc.]

Now the key is. After you kill about 50-70 chocos. You should have around 45 Chainmails, like 56 manteaus, 14 christmas cards, and 30 golds. Time to Upgrade. Here’s an estimate on the amount of cash you can earn.

45 Chainmails > 2-3 +9 Chainmails > Maybe 1 +10 Chainmail
56 Manteaus > 4-5 +9 Manteaus > Maybe 1 +10 Manteaus

Estimated Wealth in Morroc Trading? (@go 1)

+9 Chainmails = 40-150m (varies depending on server)
+10 Chainmails = 40-200m (varies depending on server)
+9 Manteaus = 40-150m (varies depending on server)
+10 Manteaus = 100-400m (varies depending on server)
Choco Cards = 20-140m (varies depending on server)

Totals to approximately = 500m-1b Zeny. I think ive explained it enough. Remember the choco maps are:

@warp gon_fild01
@warp prt_fild03
@warp um_fild02 [credits: Hogradt]

To keep the choco still perhaps try using traps, or stun cards. Also be sure that the chocos *slow* spell doesnt bring ur aspd below 195.
Also. While your hunting chocos, the bacsojins, valaris, hygeuns, and the newly added monsters on the map also have decent drops that are valuable. Keep aware that you should drop worthless stuff such as wing of angel and bongun/hyegun hats.

Credits go to: My Past 3 Choco hunting Guild Members who were extremely rich: Topsolo, Auroz, and SniperNewb. Please feel free to tell me of my mistakes or perhaps new ideas.

13th money map

•Slotted bucklers. Goblins drop them. Goblins located at gef_fild11. The drop rate is really low, but not that low. 1 hour of hunting will get you around 8-10 bucklers and 10-20 composite bows. Upgrade them after you collect a decent amount. Bucklers can also be found on gef_fild08

Estimated worth (may not be correct, please update me on new prices)

+7 Buckler [1] = 4-8m (varies depending on server)
+8 Buckler [1] = 10m-40m (varies depending on server)
+9 Buckler [1] = around 150-200m (varies depending on server)
+10 Buckler [1] = ive seen these go for +200-650m (varies depending on server)
+10 Composite Bow [4] = 2-12m

will take a lot of patience. but the patience will come with rewards. Imagine if u hunted 200 slotted bucklers = 10-15 hours of hunting. Thats at least 1 +10 and like 4 +9..... if you do your math, 600 + 400 = 1 billion in 8 hours. wth this must be illegal. too bad no one has the patience to actually screw 9000 goblins.

14th money map

•It's not as good as the above title says, with the economy falling down like crazy. but it used to make me lots of cash.

The money making method of making and selling kahos. First of all your going to need around 30 of each item required for making kahos. Watch and Learn

Current FoG worth: 3-18m (varies depending on server)
Current Kaho Worth: 10-40m (varies depending on server)
All dolls put together for 1 kaho: 2-3m or FREE if you hunt them (varies depending on server)

Profit Gained including the cost of dolls and 5 million = + 35 - 18 -5 -3 = 9m profit

more like a 7-8m profit but im just averaging

***Warning**** Xilero's economy is so jacked up lately that i can no longer forsee the changes in prices because they are so wavery. Dont blame me if you lose money.

15th Money MAP

•Well this is mainly for the rich kids. I know its kind of hard making money off wings these days. so i suggest you guys buy and sell uber cards. its not that hard really. Lets say you had an exile card.

1. Find out the average price of the exile card (do a pricecheck on forums or check morroc)
2. Buy the card for around 25-50m cheaper than it really is. Trust me, it's really easy to get good deals on cards, lots of desperate people out there.
3. Resell the card for 25-50m more money.

This is an easy +500m a week. Good Luck and thanks for listening.

16th Money MAP

•1. Buy a Wing for about 25-100m cheaper, unless you already have one.
2. Resell the wing for about 25-100m more expensive
3. You get Profit
4. You can make about 1b a day if you play all day and know the market well.

Setup a chatbox in morroc that says B> AAW 400M or something and your set (varies depending on server).
But remember, if a lot of people use this method, then wing prices will RISE. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT PEOPLE. SO use it while it lasts.

Xilero's Economy rates keep changing, so make sure you do a price check on wings in the market place of your server. Then sell it for like 50m more, and buy for 50m less.

17h Money Map

•Cold Fusion:
I've found a new fairly efficient place to farm money. Go to gld_dun03, and kill the bears. With the new EX drop rates, it's 100% of dropping gold, which sells for about 125k with OC. You can kill the Maya Purples there for the card which should sell for quite a bit (Maya Purple card enables you to see hidden players).

If you want other places to find gold, here are places suggested by Zaphiel013:

gld_dun01 - am mut
gld_dun02 - leib olmai

Note [ Maya Purple Hunting may not work out after the update]

18th Money Map

•Finch says:

"i know another money map. it may not be that affective but its worth. just go hunting to hidden 3... kill as much bapho jrs and wormtails, ull end up with lots of yggs. the thing is, this method requires a bit of patience. for every hour of hunt, you get about 500k... but for every 2 hours u end up getting 1 mil... anyways, the good part comes at the end collect all the yggs you can in a week and sell them, berries in 100k, seeds in 50k and leafs in 5k.. you end up with about 10mil only of yggs considering there where at least 80 berries and about 100+ leafs, plus the mils u get for the time hunting, they end up giving a good amount of money "

•A Conclusion on Yggs by Apollo: "A good place for ygg berries would be Epsilon MVP Arena level 1. Kill the samurais and they usually drop ygg berries and ygg seeds. A while back, I collected my yggs there, got about 200-500 a day depending on the time I spent. It'll help and save time if you just ignore the pharaohs." (Notice, this method will be invalid after the update)

•Nejix Says:

about the last money method, the bapho jr... in 1 hour with my mage i make about 150 ygg, something like 15mil. =\

19th Money Map

•like peas says:

Well the best place to get mass exp and zeny is : abyss_03. the best thing is to autoloot : @autoloot 40. which enables you to autoloot treasure box worth 100k. also lvl 255 in less than 5 hours. (requires ubers, or level +200). [PK SERVER / EZ SERVER ONLY]

•Kildy Says:

autolooting treasure box at abyss_03 could let me earn up to 30+m/hour..
Just set your int to 255 and dex for instant cast, the rest on str for the max weight. Then use autoloot 50 and autostore 0 1. Go to prt_maze03 and storm gust on everything, of course try to not kill steal. In less then a week i buy me 6 bkc. =\ [PK SERVER / EZ SERVER ONLY]


20th Money Map

•Copied from Chaos Star

The link listed above is a guide on how to make enchant deadly poison bottles. You can vend these bottles for around 100-400k (depending on xilero's economy) each at morroc. This is by far the best way to make zeny for sinx classes. Imagine gathering all the items required with a wizard, then you make like 300 of the bottles. thats an instant what? 40mil? try it out. Chaos Star's guide is by FAR the best EDP guide ive ever seen. give chaos some rep points. it's a great guide. with great information.

21st Money Map

•***Thanksgiving Special Money Sources by Disposable***

Money Making

Instant Satisfaction

[Levels 100+] gef_fild05 <-- Witherless Roses 27.5k each
[Levels 125+] gef_dun03 <-- Rings 10-22.5k each
[Levels 150+] Crystal Caves 1/2 OR Amatsu Dungeon Last Level <-- Thieves' Clothes 37k each

Semi-Instant Satisfaction

[Levels 75+] alde_dun04 <-- Witched Starsands> 40k each
[Levels 100+] prt_maze03 <-- Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds 100/50k each

Time Consuming

Either Low drop, or hourly/bi-hourly spawn

[Levels 200+] xmas_fild01 <-- Fang of Hatii 5-15m each
[Level 250+] nif_fild01 <-- BKC card +30-150m each
[Level 240+] prt_fild03 <-- Choco card 20-140m each

22nd Money Map

•Tokens. Yes we have come to a new generation of marketing. What's so good about tokens? There isn't a set price for tokens. People who buy tokens are upper class merchants/players. Think about this for a second before reading further below and skipping this. Let's say someone was buying a CRE token for 1.1 billion zeny. Do you really think the buyer will give a crap if you charge 1.2-1.3? Chances are, he'll buy it anyways (33% chance they will agree). Let's say you made 100m profit for every token you sold. You bought for 1.1b and sold for 1.3b. Soon you'll have enough to buy two tokens. Now you get 200m profit for selling and rebuying both tokens. Soon you'll have three, then 4, then 14, then 30, then 50. Eventually? you'll have a monopoly on all the tokens and charge any price you want for tokens and soon with +300 billion zeny in your hands, you will be able to do anything you want at any time. Money talks, especially on xilero. Imagine being able to make 10 sets whenever the hell you wanted to. Your friend's birthday? The pixel girl you always wanted? They are yours.

It will be tough in the beginning, but i have faith in you all. So i exaggerated a bit, but i sense that you can see the possibilties. Mission Accomplished.

ETA of 300b: 4-5 months
% chance that you will succeed in my opinion: 3%

23rd Money Map

•Copied & Pasted, Full Credit to Jitenya [He pmed me this stuff, i think its a fantastic money map]

Needed: AOE Class. Instacast. 195 ASPD. LOTS of int. Yggs. A party member with yggs OR a HP..

Also Recomended: A parymember with speedbuff abilities(As to collect the largest mobs before being trapped in a damage chain.)

Where: Any Thanatos Tower Level with the angel enemies (Sanctuary, Retribution, Shelter, etc.)

Procedure: Set up autoloot and autostore (1 7 config). One you and your party members are ready, go to the level of your choice. Collect angel enemies. Spam your AOE's untill the area is clear. Rinse. Repeat.

Profitable because: All the angels drop stone of sage at an average rate of around 12%. SoS sells for 50k without overprice. They also drop gemstones, pearls being the most common from my research. I made 18 million in just 25 minutes of work here. Also, the harps the angels drop are worth arond 37k. There are also other valuble drops as well.

Note that this is for the main server.

If you are on the PK server, SoS has a 100% droprate for all enemies, so you will make far more. Hope this helps.

•Jitenya Also Adds:

Probably the best Thanatos level for zeny/exp is 11 due to enemy density, and the ease of spawn-herding. The map is divided into four corners with five spawn points. The first four are in said corners, the fifth in the middle. If you have a large party or if you are operating with guildmates, just station people in three of the four corners and the center and kill everything that spawns there after everyone says all clear, have a couple of people warp into the corner where all the enemies are. They kill them and warp out, and you and your friends repeat the process untill you all have however much money you want. On the PK and EZ servers, this will be epic. 11 is still a good map even with small parties thanks to the sheer number of enemies.

24th Money Map[List of some extra areas]

gl_cas02 = Chain Mail
moc_fild14 = Mink Coat
gef_fild08 = Buckler
gl_cas02 = Elunium
gld_dun01 = Gold
prt_sewb4 = Golden Thief Bug
prt_maze03 = Yggdrassil berries/leaves/seeds
mjo_dun03 = Skeleton Worker Cards
nif_fild01 = Bloody Knight Champion
Juperos_01 = Elunium [venatus]
ein_dun02 = Oridicon
pay_fild04 | treasure02 | gld_dun04 | prt_maze03 | = Ghostring
alde_dun04 = Witch StarSand

25th Money Map

•My Forums buddy Volkerkant suggested it himself! I can't believe i forgot about this. It's Simple. Were talking about Selling Items during Woe. We all know theres craploads of people on during woe. What do these people look for most when they are woeing?

Hydra Cards
Civil Servant Cards
Skel Worker Cards
Assaulter Cards
Ygg Seeds
Deadly Poison Bottles
Slotted Equips/Armors

Setup the Vend exactly 1 hour before woe starts and keep it up until 1 hour after woe ends. Also, it's smart to keep vend on every night since your sleeping, you won't be playing RO, so what better time to setup the vend than when your sleeping?

26th Money Map

•Volkerkant Says:

Well, this trick is good for complete beginners.

1. Make an Archer with PURE str.
2. Go to the Forging Items Seller.
3. Buy 5 Flame Hearts
4. Turn on autostore at all items (@autostore 0 7)
5. Spam Arrow Creation
6. Take the arrows and sell them back.

It literally DOUBLES the money you invest. Its good for beginners as the max no. of arrows you can keep in storage is 30K. Do this when you start the game and buy decent starting equips.

Volkerkant describes another method:

Custom pet taming and cooking is no longer valid in terms of taming, but it still works for making zeny through cooking or farming the items. <<<custom pet guide <<<cooking guide

27th Money Map

•Volkerkant Says:

With ME [Magnus Exorcism] Priest (Works well while levelling up with Isis hordes)
@autostore 0 7
Collect hordes

Both 2 n 3 carat diamonds together go at 50 K w/ Overcharge. If ur lvlin up a priest, u'll get 50 Mil a day. Not that grand, but u get XP as well...

28th Money Map

•S1lentblade Says:

Hi Sexy Xeps, Just inputting my opinion on the easiest way to make lots of money fast...fastest way to make money w/o much trouble is with a high wiz with insta cast storm gust @gld_dun03. It's already been mentioned that the leib olmei there drop gold everytime, so just go there and SG the bears and maya purples and you'll get around 110-120mil/hr from gold, opals, and maya purple cards, which is pretty good in my opinion =) No ubers or anything needed, just a decently leveled high wiz! Just make sure you have autostore 0 4 on ^.^. [Note this method may be invalid after the update]

29th Money Map

•Hunting and Selling Bloody Roars. So far, all i know is that they can be found in Rachel Sanctuary, dropped by gremlins. @mi gremlin for more details. Sell them at the market price for a good profit.

30th Money Map

Invalid Method Deleted

31th Money Map

•Originally Posted by TehKurtz
(For PK/EZ)

Byalan Dungeon LvL 3, the place where full of bots,(similar to wild roses place),

things you gotta love

Obeaune-Witherless Rose
-Saint's Robe

What to do?
1.A Wizard with Insta-Cast is the best,and a merc class(so you can OC)
2.@autostore 0 7 (remember to empty your storage at least 280+ space)
4.Buy some flying wings( tel clip works to)
5.Spam LoV like shiet, 'till storage is full,keep spamming 'till 90% overweight
6.OC, GUARANTEE 11-13M for 30 minutes,I'm not making this up.

32nd Money Map

•Zayl Says:

I found a pretty interesting way to make zenny on XileRO. If you get a mystcase card and sacrifice one of the all important head slots, you can get gift boxes from any enemy. I dunno if it works in iRO, but you always get gift boxes from every enemy, except for plants / mushrooms. While the gift boxes themselves are pretty worthless (10 zenny each) if you open them all (I put them on a hotkey, in place of a skill) you can get around 1 million zenny for 265. Normally, that's not very much, however they also have a chance of giving you items you need for LKH. Infact, the only ones I didn't get out of a gift box was skulls, sphinx hats, diamond rings, fang of garm, and mother's nightmare. You get all of the other normal items you need, and all the dolls from giftboxes too.

33rd Money Map

DevilsCollector Says:

At Glastheim you can get Slotted bucklers from Kobold. The Petites also drop Elu...nice bonus I guess.

Jus make a config & lo there u go../e2 :)[/color]


]-[ëàVén Ðóé$ñT wäñt më , ]-[ëll Fëàя$ I'll Ŧáќё Övėя

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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 02:33 

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You just hotlinked to their forum guides? ._.

 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 02:37 
Been there done that!
Been there done that!
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this is not a botting tip and/or trick...

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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 03:21 
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well Yes I did..

But the Guide is Extremely useful & we can certainly bot using the same...
Do u expect the config for each & evrything??
We ought to learn somethings...


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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 07:08 

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Atleast you could copy the tips and / or choose the good more effective ones instead of just hotlinking. We ain't talkin bout configs or shit.

 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 11:21 
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k done lolz..


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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 11:56 
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Shouldnt this have been in the XileRO section?

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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 12:01 
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This is Tips & Suggestions Section And This is Certainly one...


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 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 12:46 
Been there done that!
Been there done that!
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rayz3r wrote:
This is Tips & Suggestions Section And This is Certainly one...

i agree, but, it would be nice if you did make configs or at least a few macros to get this working properly. also, post it in the xileRO forum.

on a cosmetic note, it'd be nice to organize it with lists and different color texts.

if you choose not to, then that's fine, do whatever you want.
thanks for posting the actual guide here. 8-)

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You got banned? Krai me a fuckin river..

 Post subject: Re: XileRO Botting Tips.[Zeny & Mass Exp]
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 13:05 
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thanks for posting the guide.i think it should just be left here since people botting in other high-rate pservers could use the information too (:

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