Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx
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Author:  Elphiel [ 12 Sep 2015, 09:28 ]
Post subject:  Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx

Since today I have a problem with the use of items. I tryed nearly everything and asked friends who are professional programmer if they could find an error.
I read the fitting topics and tryed out what was written but nothing worked for me...

I want my High Archer to use a red potion if her HP is under 70%

useSelf_item Red Potion {
hp < 70%

and I want to use a concentration Potion if the buff runs out
useSelf_item Concentration Potion {
whenStatusInactive Concentration Potion

It worked with my Hunter with white potions and auto use awakening and I'm not silly. I cant understand why its not working anymore
(at first i just changed the names but I didnt work)

I put these two things at the end of the config.txt in the control folder. After the debbuging things.

I watched what the bot does If i used it manually
"Used Item Unknown Item #501 (for red potion for example)

Any help :<?

Author:  MiDaM [ 12 Sep 2015, 10:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx


useSelf_item Red Potion {
hp < 70 %

useSelf_item Concentration Potion {
whenStatusInactive EFST_ATTHASTE_POTION1

useSelf_item Awakening Potion {
whenStatusInactive EFST_ATTHASTE_POTION2

useSelf_item Berserk Potion {
whenStatusInactive EFST_ATTHASTE_POTION3

or check statusnametable.txt for Fro

Author:  Elphiel [ 12 Sep 2015, 10:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx

Is it Ok to put everything at the end of the config?
I read another topic where they have problems with the new inventory thing after the shadow equip patch because of the unknown item?

what was wrong with my red potion command?

edit: tryed didnt work :(

Author:  Pyrdacor [ 15 Sep 2015, 15:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx

Have the same problem. The use of items does not work. Moreover teleporting with fly wings doesn't work. I get a message that says that I have no teleport skill or fly wings but I have fly wings in my inventory.

For item use I tried:

useSelf_item Orange Potion {
   hp < 30
   timeout 5

I also tried without "timeout", with "hp < 25%" and "hp < 25 %". Nothing works. The character just dies (the monster deals max 20 dmg).

For teleport I tested all valid values for teleportAuto_useSkill. Nothing worked. I have no teleport on the character but as mentioned more than enough fly wings. At the moment I use "teleportAuto_useSkill 0" without success.

It's very annoying as I die often because the character can't teleport nor use items.

Another note: I got the following unknown packet messages frequently. The first one is the most frequent message.

Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 0990
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 0A27
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 0000
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 0991

Author:  Pyrdacor [ 16 Sep 2015, 14:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx

Also found out that auto storage does not work. It works as the character talks to kafra. She also opens the storage but no items are put to storage. I set "all 0 1 0" in "items_control.txt". I removed the rest for testing.

Seems that there is a problem with all kind of items with fRO.

Checked my "tables\fRO\items.txt" but it looks ok. I tested with a freshly downloaded "" from yesterday. Downloaded at

Additional info: The console command "i" says "Inventory is empty." which is not the case.

Author:  Pyrdacor [ 16 Sep 2015, 17:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Won't use Items - unknown item #xxx

Made it work!

I studied how I can get packet length from the fRO Ragexe.exe. After hours of digging through hex values and ASM expressions and writing a few helper tools I was able to create an updated recvpackets.txt which contains a lot new packets and their correct packet length values.

Now items work again. I can use fly wings, potions, use auto storage, etc.

Unfortunately I can't attach the file here. Dunno why. I'll try to add it to SVN.

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