Have Problem with Connectivity guide.


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Have Problem with Connectivity guide.

#1 Post by dendelion »

A new server just open for idRO the Retro server and i tried to find out to add the server.txt (since this is the main problem that will allow me use the openkore)
Server Name (Since it's CBT for now so yeah CBT is the server name)
IP now here i found problem how to find it i tried using grf extractor but they encrypt it with key so no go i can't use WPE since it cound as virus by my laptop white shark the guide given use an older version on the wiki so can't follow the step (is there any other solution)
Port the same since i use to do this by opening the grf file but now it's encrypted so i can't find it. Is there any solution to this
Version the same as IP Problem i can't use WPE/whiteshark to find it
Master version i found the date for this one but i don't know which one is it Nov 28 2016 09:50:46
so yeah this is my problem can anyone help me?

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Re: Have Problem with Connectivity guide.

#2 Post by SkylorD »

Microsoft Network Monitor if you use Windows O.S !
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