GGH requesting permission to logon on account server

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GGH requesting permission to logon on account server

#1 Post by winston000 »

Hello Every 1....
I'm Trying to get my Bot working but the problem is that i need to know how to setup the server in openkore to be able to run access i have already openkore
running. i also need the ipaddress of the server of GGH for me to setup in the servers.txt is

[MSP Live]
port 6900
master_version 15
version 1
serverType 0
secureLogin 1
secureLogin_type 0
secureLogin_account 0
serverEncoding Western
gameGuard 2
storageEncryptKey 0x050B6F79, 0x0202C179, 0x0E20120, 0x04FA43E3, 0x0179B6C8, 0x05973DF2, 0x07D8D6B, 0x08CB9ED9

---- 2nd concern

Packet length extraction started...
==================[ ERROR ]==================
Sorry I cant find the offset of the packet length function.
The executable file might be compressed/protected.

Can any 1 assist me get this problem resolved...