READ ME FIRST - All important information in one thread!

Discussion about everything RO and OpenKore related. This place is NOT for ANY kind of support questions.

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READ ME FIRST - All important information in one thread!

#1 Post by Cozzie »

1.0 Rules and Policies

1.1 NO SUPPORT QUESTIONS! Section is called discussion!
1.2 No flaming!
1.3 Moderators have full discretion to enforce power as they see fit, including rules and policies which are not been stated here. If you are not happy with it, contact an administrator.
1.4 Failure to follow the rules will have your post/thread trashed and your warning level increased. If 3 times warning has been reached, you will be banned.
1.5 When posting a thread, use a CLEAR AND CONCISE title. No retarded-simple-minded content in your post thanks. Make it relatively thought provoking.

2.0 Item/zeny duplicator

It does not exist. Period. Unless you have the skill to hack into the server dont even think about it. Most hacks are not due to security issues with eA or the official server but control panels for many private server. They are a big security risk and that is how many duplication incidents happen.

3.0 IRC Channel

It's #openkore at
A special feature of the IRC channel is CIA, which shows CVS commit messages in realtime.

Web irc access:

In case you don't know: IRC is Internet Relay Chat, it's like a big chatroom. If you don't have an IRC client, download one from

For anyone using IRC here are the modes and commands implemented by modules loaded. So these modes are NOT default!

Code: Select all

+J -- [seconds] Adds support for prevention of auto-rejoin (+J 5 <-- 5 seconds before you can rejoin)
+e -- Ban Exception: This channel list mode takes a nick!ident@host mask (glob patterns allowed!). 
+j -- join flood proection [joins]:[sec] (mode #channel +j 5:1 <-- 5 joins 1 sec)
+c -- Block Color
+f -- Chan Mode: +f [*][lines]:[sec] - When a user types more than 'lines' lines in 'sec' seconds, kick them. 
		 If prefixed with a '*', kickban them. E.g. '*6:10' means kickban the user after 6 lines in 10 seconds, 
		 '2:6' means kick the user after 2 lines in 6 seconds.
+C -- No CTCP
+V -- No Invite
+Q -- No Kicks
+T -- No Notices
+N -- No Nick changes
+O -- Oper only channel
+S -- strip color

*** USER MODES ***
+x Cloaking: 	Provides masking of user hostnames.
+S -- strip color

/TBAN <channel> <duration> <banmask>

# Silence = server side ignore
/SILENCE [+|-]<hostmask> [p|c|i|n|t|a|x] - Add or remove a hostmask from the silence list
	The flags, pcintax, have the following meanings:
	    * p - Block private PRIVMSG
	    * c - Block public PRIVMSG (to a channel)
	    * i - Block INVITE
	    * n - Block private NOTICE
	    * t - Block public NOTICE (to a channel)
	    * a - Block all the above types
	    * x - Exception 
	Note that exceptions are always checked before all other types. 

/REMOVE <nick> <channel> [message] # Remove user from channel
/FPART <channel> <nick> [message] # Force part
If mods/admins need to add anything just edit the first post please instead of replying.
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Re: READ ME FIRST - All important information in one thread!

#2 Post by isieo »

Type !rules when you are in the channel!
commands you might want to use

!config <config_parameter no space > example !config attackAuto or !config route_escape
@seen <nick>
!j2e <romanji>
!e2j <english>

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Re: READ ME FIRST - All important information in one thread!

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