[Guide] How to open multiple xkore

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#11 Post by M4st3r »

I have a problem with the Ragexe.exe.
I cant login with the Ragexe.exe.
I play on FRO and FRO use a luncher. Can any help me please?

I am sorry for my bad english.

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#12 Post by philippino221 »

i have the same problem i have done all youre writed but on fro the launcher doesnt start wth ragexe2.exe can anyone help me pls

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#13 Post by Kamisu »

Any know to fix this with fro luncher ?

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#14 Post by twist3d »

wang1337 wrote:I didn't have to do all this, at least on iRO.

All I did was make multiple xml files in the data dir, and for each one change the port number. Say bot6901.xml:

Code: Select all

		<display>iRO Server</display>
		<port>6901</port> #increase this by 1 for each xml file
Then in config.txt for bot6901:

Code: Select all

XKore 2
XKore_silent 1
XKore_bypassBotDetection 0
XKore_exeName ragexe.exe #your exe name may differ

# XKore 2 / Proxy configuration
XKore_listenPort 6901 #make sure this increases to match the xml
XKore_ID Yourserverid #just an alias, not important really

# It is not advised to set secureAdminPassword if you're using Xkore 2
secureAdminPassword 0
adminPassword yourpassword #change this, doesn't need to match your login password
And finally make a shortcut with the target that links to the right xml file:

Code: Select all

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ragnarok Online\Ragexe.exe" 1rag1 /account:bot6901.xml
Then just open the bot and let it load, open your new shortcut and login with your username and your adminPassword.

you have to use xKore 2 for this to work. xKore 2 is also the only option for iRO.
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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#15 Post by amy »

phew! i finally got it to work to start multiple bots with only one openkore folder.
instead of copying the folder, i edited the src/Network/Xkore.pm to try different ports by doing this: (i know, it's not the best style, but it works)

First, edit the sub new (at the beginning of the document)

Code: Select all

sub new {

	my $class = shift;
	my $port = 2350;
	my $self = bless {}, $class;
	our $usedPort;

	undef $@;
	do {
		$self->{server} = new IO::Socket::INET->new(
		Listen		=> 5,
		LocalAddr	=> 'localhost',
		LocalPort	=> $port,
		Proto		=> 'tcp');
	} while (!$self ->{server} && $port++ <= 2354);
	$usedPort = $port;
	if (!$self->{server}) { ...
the global variable usedport was introduced here, which saves the used port for later uses
i only intended to use 4 exes, therefore there is a condition $port++ <= 2354. if you intend to use more, you have to increase the 2354 to a higher number.

then edit the position where the netredirect.dll (just search for netredirect in the document) is used and replace the foreach loop by this:

Code: Select all

foreach my $file ("$cwd\\src\\auto\\XSTools\\NetRedirect$Network::XKore::usedPort.dll", "$cwd\\src\\auto\\XSTools\\win32\\NetRedirect$Network::XKore::usedPort.dll",
			"$cwd\\NetRedirect$Network::XKore::usedPort.dll", "$cwd\\Inject.dll") {
		if (-f $file) {
			$dll = $file;
so it will look up for netredirect.dlls with a number inside, looking like this: NetRedirect235x.dll for each port (x = 0 for 2350, 1 for 2351, ...)
i only had the netredirect file directly in my openkore folder, so i edited them there the way kmlo described it in the beginning by exchanging the hex codes for the ports.

then i also created multiple ragexes and changed the ragexe name for each bot in the config.txt.

finally, the question was asked how to start the ragexe on fro without the launcher. wang 1337 gave me the hint: you have to start the ragexe with the 1rag1 argument
wang1337 wrote:And finally make a shortcut with the target that links to the right xml file:

Code: Select all

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ragnarok Online\Ragexe.exe" 1rag1 [/quote]

i hope it also works for you and i didnt forget any changes i did. good luck :)

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#16 Post by bipola »

help me please

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Re: [Guide] How to open multiple xkore

#17 Post by Hemosu »

kmlo wrote:For each xkore you need to copy the folder openkore...

open the file XKore.pm with a text editor
C:\Copia de Openkore 2.0.7\src\Network\XKore.pm
search the line my $port = 2350;
replace for my $port = 2351;

Search the file or the files (In my case there are two netredirects) NetRedirect.dll and open it/them with an hexadecimal editor like XVI32.exe (Search in the web is easy to download it)

C:\Copia de Openkore 2.0.7\src\auto\XSTools\NetRedirect.dll
C:\Copia de Openkore 2.0.7\NetRedirect.dll

search the first coincidence 2E 09 and replace for 2F 09

Copy your RO.exe and rename it like ROII.exe

In the config.txt
search the line XKore_exeName RO.exe and chance for this
XKore_exeName ROII.exe

5. If you want open more xkores only change my $port with other number in this case i recomend with 2351 or more like 2352,2353,etc take the last two numbers and change for its hexadecimal value

in the 2 step the color numbers are the hexadecimal value for 50 and 51 only you need to replace those values by which you want

if you want to open an xkore with the next port 2356
in the XKore.pm
my $port = 2350; replace for my $port = 2356;
in the NetRedirect.dll
search 2E 09 and replace for 38 09
do the steps 4 and 5 copy and change the .exe names

thanks for thejefe from http://openkore-hispano.uni.cc

I hope it is served

I have made it run 2 xkore 1 using what's on the guide.
can you give us the hex to change for the 3rd xkore?

What to change on the netredirect.dll?
2350 = 2E 09
2351 = 2F 09
2352 = ?? 09
2353 = ?? 09

I already tried the last example that you made:
2356 = 38 09

But it didn't hook up.

Thank you in advance..