[guide/help] Macro usefulls

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Re: [guide/help] Macro usefulls

#21 Post by vitriol »

you should look at Globals.pm for the list of players on screen. And then loop for each player and compare the coordinates. that file also contains everything else you requested as well but it's easier with plugins imho since you can use functions like this one in Actors/Item.pm

# $ActorItem->equippedInSlot(slot)
# slot: slot to check
# Returns: wheter item is equipped in $slot
sub equippedInSlot {
my ($self, $slot) = @_;
return ($self->{equipped} & $equipSlot_rlut{$slot});

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Re: [guide/help] Macro usefulls

#22 Post by Liposo »

Mortimal wrote: 3. Check if cell is Walkable (and castable)

Code: Select all

$i = @eval($::field->isWalkable(<any x>, <any y>))
$i - bool
How about additionally check if cell is occupied by monster/npc/player?

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Re: [guide/help] Macro usefulls

#23 Post by netrapradhan »

Thanks for the information.

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#24 Post by Thomaskek »

What error shows up in the middle of your screen when you try the macro? Dont have a target? Also double check that you have 123, and dont have a duplicate.

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