[Requesting] Macro For Private Server

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[Requesting] Macro For Private Server

#1 Post by rmon09 »

Details :

a macro that will :
- use @go 0 command everytime the char died
- look for the buffer npc and talk
- look for the warper npc and warp to the lock map that is configured in config.txt

Even just the commands that i will use ... :D

Thanks in advance ....

Plain Yogurt
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Re: [Requesting] Macro For Private Server

#2 Post by gelo2012 »

Code: Select all

automacro sp {
sp <= 5%
location not prontera
run-once 1
call {
do ai manual
pause 1
c @go 0
pause 1
do move prontera 149 181
pause 1
do talknpc 150 181 r0 n
pause 2
do talknpc 158 181 r0 n
pause 2
do ai on
release sp

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