What do you thinks about this

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What do you thinks about this

#1 Post by Anonymous25 »

Hello it's me the french boy!

i have read the website in your reply.

I managed to connect to the server and set up more or less monsters to kill.
But I still can not get what the character put in the @storage loots without putting the arrows, juice cluster and fly wing.
I also can not manage how to talk to warper, healer.

I will now show you my configuration:

In Control\config.txt:
For skill boost and use grape juice if my sp -40%

Code: Select all

attackSkillSlot Double Strafing {
	lvl 10
	dist 5
	sp > 5%
	monsters Iara, Piranha

useSelf_item Grape Juice {
	sp < 40 %

useSelf_skill Attention Concentrate {
   lvl 10
   whenStatusInactive Attention Concentrate
useSelf_skill Wind Walk {
   lvl 10
   whenStatusInactive Wind Walk
useSelf_skill True Sight {
   lvl 10
   whenStatusInactive True Sight

In Control\macros.txt:
For the character autoclick on npc healer when his sp hp was <5%, for talk to the warper and use the first reply and for store item loot when he is in overweight 89%

Code: Select all

automacro Healer {
hp < 5%
sp < 5%
run-once 1
call Healer1

macro Healer1 {
pause 1
do c @load
do talk @npc 152 190 c
do ss 380
do ss 383
do talk @npc 152 190 c
do talk @npc 158 190 r1

automacro storage {
   itemsMaxWeight 89
   delay 800
   call stored
    timeout 20

macro stored {
      do ai manual
   pause 1
      do c @storage
   pause 2
      do storage add all
      do storage close
   pause 2   
      do storage log
      do ai on
In Control\pickupitems.txt:
For loot this item. i prefere @autoloot

Code: Select all

Crystal Mirror 2
Witherless Rose 2
In Control\priority.txt:
For kill the piranha before the iara

Code: Select all

In Control\mon_control.txt:
For kill piranha and iara but search the iara

Code: Select all

Iara 1 0 1
Piranha 1 0 0
all -1

In Control\item_control.txt

For store

Code: Select all

storageAuto 1
storageAuto_npc prontera 152 193
storageAuto_distance 5
storageAuto_npc_type 1
storageAuto_keepOpen 0
relogAfterStorage 1
minStorageZeny 50 

Crystal Mirror 90 1
Witherless Rose 90 1
Grape Juice 0 0 0
Fly Wing 0 0 0
Arrow of Wind 0 0 0
all 0 1 0
In tables\npcs.txt:
For healer and warper

Code: Select all

prontera 152 190 Healer#prt
prontera 158 190 Warper#prt
I do not know whether to write just in control \ macros.txt or iol other text file in other folder.

This is my advancement in 2 days lol. It is not very fast but I will get there.

Can you file your opinions and especially your correction because there must be a lot of code errors.

thank you in advance

Sincerely, Anonymous25

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Re: What do you thinks about this

#2 Post by Mortimal »

not to put in storage just do in item_control.txt:

Code: Select all

item_not_to_put_name 0 0 0

Code: Select all

do talk @npc(152 190)
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