event macro problem

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event macro problem

#1 Post by jczanzibar1206 »


i did a board mission macro for ggh server
i do use my ROMSP event macro but unfortunately i cant make it work here
board mission here dont have specific monster to kill it just have specific amount of monster that you need to kill in the map and repeat the mission

my question is.. if theres no monster to be kill how can i trigger this event macro?? my plugin is this

automacro test1 {
exclusive 1
priority 1

macro_delay 0.1
delay 0.1

timeout 15
BaseLevel > 19
QuestHuntCompleted 8662 1004

call {
if (&questCompleteCount(8662) == 50) call test1
log Quest not Completed yet

macro test1 {
log All quests completed!
do e flg3
pause 3
do move prt_fild05 366 209
pause 1
do talknpc 367 209 c n
pause 1
do talknpc 367 209 c r0 c c c r0 c r0 n
release test1

hope someone can help me thanks