Help, Getting Unregistered version error!

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Help, Getting Unregistered version error!

#1 Post by kafraislove »

Hi All,

Im currently botting in PRO, botters here are offered a $40 service for 30 days.

Now i am due for my 30 days, Everytime i open up my Ragexe.exe its saying Unregistered version error.

Can someone help me fix this?

Thank you in advance and more power to you guys!

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The Kore Devil
The Kore Devil
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Re: Help, Getting Unregistered version error!

#2 Post by fadreus »

No one should buy / sell openkore.

Official openkore doesn't tamper with game client & ragexe.exe is a game client.

Is that error appear before you start using openkore?
If yes, then you need to contact pRO game publisher or try re-install the game.
If no, then you need to contact who ever you buy that openkore from.

Either way, since openkore official release don't support pRO this doesn't seems to be openkore issue as far as I'm concerned.
My random guess is, your openkore seller do some patching for game client to make it work.
So, you better contact him.

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