XKore2 set correctly, client shows "account does not exist".

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XKore2 set correctly, client shows "account does not exist".

#1 Post by lxy »

Sorry to bother you guys. At the moment, I am really stucked, as the following:

I believe my XKore2 has been correctly set, and it is able to bot normally. The problem is when I try to connect the client (ragexe.exe) to OpenKore, the client kept showing "account does not exist" message at the login screen (the responding time is fast, so I know it is connected).

Yes, I understand that I should use the normal username, i.e. the one stored in config.txt of OpenKore, and the "password" becomes the adminPassword in config.txt.

With debug 2 turned on, I can see that "Received packet: 0987 Handler: master_login" in Openkore, so this is indicating that Openkore and the client are both set and connected to each other (more accurately, the client can connect to Openkore).

Please tell me how do I find out the "secret" username? What the hell is it? Is it stored somewhere in Openkore or XKore's somewhere? Maybe within the source code? Thanks in advance to everyone replies and tries to help.

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Re: XKore2 set correctly, client shows "account does not exist".

#2 Post by EternalHarvest »

Should be fixed in r8578.