Packet Parser issue / rAthena private server. detailed prob

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Packet Parser issue / rAthena private server. detailed prob

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Hey guys!
I used PEEK, got my recvpackets.txt for my exe.

The server uses rAthena.

Here is the server info:


port 6900
private 1
master_version 14
version 45
rescvpackets recvpackets.txt
serverType kRO_RagexeRE_2013_08_07a
serverEncoding Western
charBlockSize 144
addTableFolders kRO/RagexeRE_2013_08_07a;kRO

I recieve an error for packet 0915:
Packet Parser: Unknown switch: 0915

The bot CANNOT see normal NPC's.

I can see other players (SORT OF)

At first, it calls them as unknown by their account # and only if they do something other than stand still near the bot, like casting a skill, and still will not list them under players/monsters/npcs:
Unknown #2000004 is casting Zen on self (Delay: 0ms)
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 09CB

I also get this error:
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown Switch:09CB
This packet is in my recvpackets.txt -> But it fails to do anything with it. It is obviously the status packet for other actors:

After the other player begins moving (and recieving 0914 packet), the bot finally recognizes players, but as NPC's, and adds them to the players/monsters/npc list:

NPC Sura (0) is casting Zen on itself (Delay: 0ms)
Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: 09CB

The 0914 Packet does not always seem to work, either...
Packet Parser: Unknown switch: 0914

Finally, the packet for actor_connected, 090F does not work ether:
Packet Parser: Unknown switch: 090F

I really could use some help, here. I have been fighting this battle for almost a week. I am going to try and mess with the to get it to work, as 0914 seems to work - so perhaps the coding there could be helpful for the 0915 packets, and those stray 0914 as well?

I have learned so very much about openKore, and have forced myself to learn a lot about how it works... but I am at my wit's end for this issue. Will knowing what version of rAthena the server uses change anything? Howabout having access to the server's config, etc? I own the server.

Please help!
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