A curious question in the macro's page

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A curious question in the macro's page

#1 Post by gelo2012 »

Collected Macros

I would like to share some useful macros, hopefully not angering anyone here.

Identify with Magnifier

You got unidentified Items in your inventory and want to identify them using magnifiers? Use "macro id" on console until all items are identified. You don't have to type anything else, the macro will identify the first item found, after that the second and so on.

macro id {
$id = @inventory(Magnifier)
do is $id
pause 1
do identify 0

Umm, why would anyone be angry regarding this? :?:

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Re: A curious question in the macro's page

#2 Post by EternalHarvest »

Some people think they should apologize for everything they do. It takes away any sincerity of their apologies, too. When encountered in documents like our manuals, it's just a waste of everybody's time and resources.

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