How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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Hello everyone. If you want to found already made config files - try to search other topics or use your own brain to write it. Here i want to tell you some my ideas? which i used in botting. I hope it will help you to bot much more effective.

After 3 years of botting i made some tips for bots. First, what the main goal for botting? Zeny and rars (finally again zeny). So the mission of bot - is to max zeny output per hour. So:

Part I: Some general thoughts

1) Prices on almost every botted RO server such that low-level cards and rarz are cheap (on hard-to-bot all vice versa). That means that boting on low levels (1-40) is low profitable (with some exceptions, but about it later). So, one of the main targets to Ok on low level - is to level up. Forget about zeny, better invest 100-300k in some weapon, gear and pots. OK can reach 60+ in week easily.
Summary: try to fast level up on 2nd profession.

2) Teleporting. Almost on every map using telesearch will boost your exp and income. Cause it much more faster to search-and-destroy mobs, than stupid walking around. You will need - tele skill (aco class or creamy accs), and configuration in config.txt (route_randomWalk 0 and teleportAuto_idle 0.2 works fine) and modifying timeouts(some bit later). Disadvantage - fast telesearch is some bit dangerous - it's very suspicious for other players.
Summary: use telesearch.

3) Equip your bot. Yes, it's very common when bot-rogue can reach 90+ lvl and earn many kk zeny with only shop damascus equipped, but it's rather ineffective. Just buy needed elemental weapon (about 1-1.5kk) and pantie+undershirt combo for agi builds or npc-shop equip for vit builds. 15 flee or 15 def will boost your bot for very low price. For high-level bots or for very dangerous mobs it's possible to buy high-end equip (deleter, carded refined weapon, normal armor etc).
Summary: buy some equip for bot.

4) Plan your botting. When i started i thought: ou, i need creamy/vitata/guard/some-other-stupid-thing for my main character - and i send my bots for this item ( on creamys for their card, for example). It's stupid. First you must look on market and think: "If cramy card worst 1.5kk and it takes 20hours to gain it with bot - maybe much better to bot on more profit map, and gain 6kk in these 20 hours - it's in 4 times better". Also, think forward. Where will your bot level up? Which gears u'll need? Try to choose good profession and build for bot. Yes, almost stereotype what bot is agi/str rogue/knight/etc, but stereotype doesn't mean effectiveness. Think, read guides and forums about ro - irowiki forums for example. Almost every forum contains topics like "How to get zeny fast with <classname>". Read them and make your own conclusions.
Summary: plan your botting.

Part II: Zeny gain tips

So, here some specific suggestions:

Where to bot? Main question - answer can be given after complete analysis of three sources: your server market, ro database (i prefer and char sim (imao Doddler is best - You will need to find mob, that:
  • Profitable
  • Easy to kill
  • Bottable
Some details:

Profitable - easy. Open your server trade forum, walk around looking on vends, look what others players want to buy - it's can be many things - from herbs to rare cards. Use ro database to find which mob will drop this items.
I use calc method do find each mob profit. I explain on example. We take 1 mob - High Orc for ex. He drops various common loot : Ogre tooth, Zargon, Orcish Vaucher. Yes, you can try to sell them for players but it's really hard. So we sell loot to NPC. We take price of each item (ex Zargon = 240 base sell price), multiply it on 1.24 (it,s 24% of merchant Overcharge skill, for Zargon it's = 240 * 1.24 = 297) and multiply on drop chance/100 (for High Orc drop chance for Zargon is 13%, so final price = 297 * 13 / 100 = 38.61 zeny). You need to calculate all loot drops from monster and sum them. In example: 38.61(Zargon) + 70.43(Orcish Vaucher) + 101.99(Ogre tooth) = 211.03. Rezulted number(211) - is average zeny gain from each killed High Orc. And it's gain is almost permanent, thanx to high drop chance, constant prices at npc and no problems with selling items. But High Orc have some other drops: Steel, Rough Ori, Yellow Herb. It's uncommon loo- because it's much profitable to sell it for players. For example npc buys Steel for 620 zeny(with OC) and players buys Steel for 2k+ - meaning 1.4k more profit per item. So we take the medium price on market (2k on my sever) and multiply it on drop chance / 100. In example Steel will add 2000 * 9 / 100 = 180 zeny to each mob kill. As you can see common loot can be much more cheaper than uncommon, but you'll need to sell steel from vend before gain zeny. And sometimes market can crush, prices can go down as mad (bu can be conversely). Also you can see what cards add very little to overall mob cost - if card worth 2kk with 0.02 drop chance it will add only 200 zeny to overall mob cost. So choose wisely. Also, calculation of mob cost is very effective as it based on probability theory.

Easy to kill - mob must die fast. No reason to try to kill mob in 1+ minute. Best occasion when you kill mob in 1 skill or in <5 seconds. Also this includes needed gears - if you can kill named High Orc with only elemental weapon, on others you will need 20-30kk items.

Bottable - mob must be easily to find, have high enough respawn time and doesn't have too much competition with other players. That means what botting on minibosses or MvP are not best idea and best monsters - which can be killed in masses.

And two last things - alchemical ingredients and timeouts.

Alchemical ingredients - many consumable items created by alchemists require ingredients. Try to open alchemist need-for-brew lists and think. Almost always have good value stems, immortal hearts, fabric, witch starsand and blue herbs. Here one exception for botting low-level characters to bot stems you don't nedd high level, but will gain good profit.

Timeouts - in standard OK timeouts.txt many variables are not effective. Try to configure it some better, for example var ai equal to 2 in default config, but it's very stupid for telesearch, try to set 0.5 for example.

That's all, i hope you enjoy reading and find some positive ideas.

PS And sorry for my mistakes in English(

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Re: How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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Wow man, great guide. So true:). Sometimes it might be better to hunt directly for the item you want so as not to have to trade for it and also not to get too much attention in the place you are botting.
Anyway, thanks for the guide! Ownage!

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Re: How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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Aib0 wrote:(
Thanks for sharing this! :)

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Re: How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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thx for share, I got 1 hunter fly card when leveling in south of alde :twisted:

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Re: How to gain zeny? Some ideas...

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