My Where to Bot Guide

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My Where to Bot Guide

#1 Post by KillerCrunk »

Most of this is based on i played like a year ago on iro chaos
Levels 1-12

Maps: new_2-3. new_3-3 (Tutorial fighting grounds)
Targets: Pupa's, Roda Frogs
- Easy mobs, moderate exp rate, good drops: pupa card, roda frog card, slotted guard
High number of bots.
Easiest way to your first job.

Map: gef_fild04
Targets: Pupa's and Roda Frogs.
- Recommended for first characters.
The only lame part is creamy's can come outta a pupa while your fighting it killing your bot
but it doesn't really matter at this low of a level.
High number of bots.

Map: moc_fild07
Target: Drops
- Easy mobs, low exp, fair card.
Recommended for first characters.
Low number of bots.

Levels 13-30 First Job

Map: prt_sweb2 (Culvert)
Target: Tarou
- Medium difficulty, fast exp, poor card/drops.
Yes they will be powerful at level 13 unless properly equipped.
Thief bugs gang on you so i don't recommend botting them when you could get owned.
High number of bots.
Fastest exp to lvl 30.

Map: prt_fild07
Target: Rocker
- Easy , low exp, horrible drops.
Only suggest if you are just starting a char and are very poorly equipped.
Low number of bots.

Map: moc_fild01
Target: Baby Desert Wolf
- Easy, low exp, fair card.
Good for starting mages, or poor fighters (starting battle aco's).
Low number of bots.

Map: gef_fild13
Target: Amber Knight
- Easy, moderate exp at lower lvl's, poor card/drops.
High number of bots.
Easy for noobs.

Map: prt_fild02
Target: Mandragora
- Moderately difficult, good exp, fair drops.
Really good for low level fire mages and botting them is easy although watch the eclipse.
Low number of bots.

Levels 30-40

Map: iz_dun00
Targets: Marinas, Hydras, and Vadons.
Not recommended if low lvl or poorly equipped.
Mages/Archers can kill hydras without getting hurt if botted correctly.
- Hard difficulty at these levels, fast exp, hydra card is the only good one although loot is fair.
Only hydra is aggressive.
High number of bots.
I never really botted in the dungeon until marc/phen's but if you have
a wind weapon early on exp is amazing.

Map: gef_fild13
Target: Creamy
- Moderately difficulty, good exp, awesome!!! card.
Watch it though they teleport a lot which is lame.
High to average number of bots.
I almost always bot here unless im trying to stay on the downlow because creamy cards can make a man rich.

Map: anthell01/02
Targets: Andre/Deniro/Vitata
- Hard, good exp, Andre/Vitata cards are lucrative, good loots like rough elu.
Watch out for the MVP (Maya Purple), gang rapeage, looting, and familiars.
High number of bots.
Never really botted here but some other people told me it was worth it if equipped well.

Map: Pay_fild07
Targets: Elder Willow
- Easy although aggressive so you will need flys, moderate exp, DB's.
Big Foot
- Moderate, good exp but definitively harder than elders and non-aggressive, fair drops.
High number of bots.
Use a lot of flys but the DB's are worth it, money and entertainment.

Map: mjolnir_01
Targets: Caramel
- Hard/moderate, good exp, the card can be worth a lot to someone who needs it.
- Easy, decent exp, I heard 1000 acorns = a head piece?, but anyway good low level drops like slotted hood/sandals.
- Hard, good exp, fair card and ok loot.
- Give me a card!!!!!!!
Low to average amount of bots.
No aggresives on this map so overall a great bot map for lower levels.
Besides creamy card, however, you won't make a whole lot.

Map: moc_fild02
Target: PecoPeco
- Easy, average exp, card is nice but not worth a ton.
Easy chill spot to bot with no aggressives.
Low number of bots.

Map: mjolnir_07
Target: Poison Spore
- Moderate to Difficult, good exp, card sucks but the spores sell for decent.
Low number of bots.
Make sure to bring wings because poison spores will be everywhere,
still if you kill them fast I have racked up the exp.

Map: prt_fild10
Target: Savages
- Moderate/Easy (Mostly just a lot of health), good exp, meh on the drops r. elu is good.
If you have a fire weapon you will rape.
good for 40+ until when ever really iv seen people there till 60-70 but rarely.
Lots of bots.

Level 40-50

Map: moc_fild13
Aim for Anacondaq's - Easy/Average, average exp, good card.
You will have to fight Desert Wolfs as well because they are aggressive
- Moderate/Hard, good exp, average drops.
Tele on sidewinder.
I have no idea how many bots are usually here..?
Never really botted here.

Map: pay_dun02
Targets: Soldier Skeletons, Munaks, and Bonguns
- good exp and good drops (Soldier Skeleton card for the win)
Stay away from all the other shit thats on the map especially the hydras that seem to ball up in one spot.
Archer Skeleton's are gay because they have such high hit if your a weak rogue/aco you will need a lot of pots.
Tele from Nine Tails.
High number of bots.
I don't usually bot here but it wasn't difficult.

Map: xmas_dun01
Targets: Cookie/Christmas Cookie/Myst Case if you can handle it
- Easy/Hard, great exp, loot is good but no good cards.
Tele from Chepet, Angeling
Lots of things to ignore.
Bring a lot of fly wings.
Moderate number of bots.

Map: beach_dun3
Targets: Thara Frog/Megalodon
- Easy, decent exp, and thara frog cards are worth a lot.
Also hydras so hope for one of those cards.
Tele from Nereid.
High number of bots.
I always bot here when im poor.

Map: gef_fild02
Targets: Coco/Smokey/Yoyo
- Mostly easy, decent exp, yoyo card is good.
Orc Warrior - Moderate, good exp, decent loot.
Just watch out for Choco
No one bots here.

Level 50-80 Finally Second class!

Map: ein_fild04
Target: Geographer
- Hunters with fire arrows/Fire Wizards will love this map
I leveled my wizard from level 55 to 80 here the exp is insane but
the drops aren't anything special so don't expect to get rich.

Map: cmd_fild01
Target Alligator
- Hard, excellent exp, good loot and the card is worth a lot.
If you have high flee and can afford good pots this spot can even get you to 99
if you wanted it to.
Moderate number of bots.

Map: mjolnir_05
Target: Argiope
- Hard, good exp, good drops but the cards no good.
I would say its best to bot this area a knight, agi or vit
although expect to sit a lot, get a pike and put 4 carmel cards in it and you will rape everything
on this map.
Make sure to try and dodge the poison area of affect skill the Argiope's got with a plugin and then use green
herbs when you do get poisoned which you can find from like every mob there.
I got banned here once on a 98 vit knight i had on iro a while back and i was pissed
haven't botted there since
moderate amount of bots.

Map: xmas_dun02
Target: Myst Cases
- East, good exp, moderate drops.
The only bad part about botting here is the 2 MVP's and the stupid cruisers which require like
200 flee to dodge 95% of the time according to RO EMPIRE so i dunno if its worth it.
Low amount of bots atleast it appears because they all use telesearch.

Map: pay_dun03
Target: Sohee
- Easy, decent exp, good drops.
Just get an air elemental weapon and you will own this place. Or you can try dun04 but its
crazy in there. I would recommend staying here until the early/late 70's when exp slows down in the 50's/60's its still good
and drops are pretty good.
TOns of bots.

Map: ama_dun01
Target: Firelock Soldier
- Easy if your a priest, good exp, decent loot and their card is worth a lot supossively, really hard to sell.
so if your a priest or iv even seen wizards bot it you can own and get good exp/money but you will need
a complex config.txt.
Some bots here.

Map: moc_fild16
Target: Sandman
- Moderate, good exp, good loot crapy cards besides andre.
You will need a fire element weapon.
Lots of bots.
Can get you to like 60 - 70.

Map: moc_pryd03
Targets: Mummy, Matyr
- Moderate, good exp, good drops.
- Hard, good exp, good drops.
Lots of good drops here like obb, opb, mummy card, verit card, matyr card etc.
but its a pretty hard place to bot unless your high level and buy white pots.

Map: iz_dun03
Targets: Phen/Marc
- Easy, poor exp, awesome cards!
- Moderate difficulty, average exp, drops r. elu and some other average stuff.
Watch the Mermen and exploding Marine Sphere's.
Good place to bot to get money although i botted there for
2 weeks once on an agi knight and only gained from 60-75 got 4 cards total
however back then that was 40m lol (iro).

Levels 80+

Map: gl_knt01
Target: Raydric
- Hard, great exp, great drops
Raydric cards are always worth a lot of money and even though botting this area
takes a lot of configuration its well worth it. I had two rogue bots here a while back
farming elu and ray cards like it was nothing and getting like 1m+ exp an hour. IT was crazy.
They were both like lvl 85 i think. I forget the accounts now which is gay on iro chaos.

Map: moc_pryd05
Target: Minorous
- Hard, great exp, great drops
Mostly knights bot this area because of stun aoe the mino has but it can be dodged.
With my knight i had an ice weapon for the minos and another fire for the mummys.
Its pretty easy as a high leveled knight/Sader to own
this place and you gain so much money from loot/cards, still
not nearly as much as ray's.
Botted heavily.

Map: tur_dun01 - 04
Targets: Dragon Tail, Permeter, Spring Rabbit, etc. many monsters.
- Hard, THE BEST!!!!!, good drops
I think this is like the best place to bot for exp but
i don't know any of the new places all that well
so i couldn't say anymore.
Botted heavily.

Map: cmd_fild03
Target: Anolian
- Hard, great exp, poorish drops, ori is alright.
Never botted this map so dunno but looks promising if you had the right equips and
Lowish bot pop.

That's as far as my guides going to go. Hope it helps you out. I don't know much about the new area's. This guides meant to just be a general summarization of maps and i would advise
looking a map up on before botting there just off of my information.

Credits to because its where i have always gotten
all my information before i decide to blindly bot maps.

Im just starting up again on iro valkrie because its free so happy botting.
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Re: My botting Guide

#2 Post by andy12345 »

waaaw, I mean .. I didn't read that, but that's good for newbies :D.

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Re: My botting Guide

#3 Post by Scalleywag »

I want to try raydrics, but how did you handle the raydric archers/ridewords/AK they require a lot of flee?

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Re: My botting Guide

#4 Post by KillerCrunk »

I just teleported when i was attacked by anything but ray's
and i used white potions so even though archers hit me i had like 40 vit and like 5k hp and when using whites i still didn't go back to town for like 5 hours

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Re: My botting Guide

#5 Post by Scalleywag »

ah what level were u when u did it and did u do chiv 1 or 2? I recently tried with a 83 rogue in chiv 2 and I just had it tele if there were two khali or ray archers.. it was pretty good... lasted an hour with orange pots but got banned pretty quick... like only a few days... it seems you would need to be around the computer and have it make a noise when you get PMed to do chiv... unlike bya where I can leave a bot forever and not get banned.

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Re: My botting Guide

#6 Post by KillerCrunk »

What server?
i had mine going for a month before i didn't pay again

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Re: My botting Guide

#7 Post by Scalleywag »

iRO valk... i just had another one banned in chiv2 after only a couple days... I'm gonna try chiv1 maybe it'll be a bit more low key... I think because alot of people level in chiv2 and there aren't that many bots so if you bot it stands out.... I dunno I might have to change it to tele on sight of player but fly wings are pretty expensive on valk heh.

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Re: My botting Guide

#8 Post by KillerCrunk »

Yeah i dunno about valk
mine was on chaos
it seems on valk only people getting banned are those in geo's and chiv and anywhere else where kill stealing and shit is possible
and ur not tele-searching your just walking around?
cuz i had mine teleport at the sign of anyone
u last a lot longer when u don't get seen and cant be reported

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Re: My botting Guide

#9 Post by Scalleywag »

yeah i switched mine to that yesterday... so far no PMs

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Re: My botting Guide

#10 Post by Scalleywag »

oh and how the hell did u get 1m exp an hour with tele everything but rays???...I'm only getting like 200-300k on a good run.